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    v0.3 Spellcasting, MP System & Co.

    • [ADDED] Spell progression type field for class record
    • [ADDED] Spell stat field for class record
    • [ADDED] MP spell system in the character actions tab
    • [ADDED] Correct formatting when dragging spells into the character sheet
    • [FIXED] Grapple was used in the combat tab instead of CMB
    • [FIXED] Dice conversion threw an error when adding damage/heal/effects

    Finally, the probably most complex update until now has arrived. Below you can see some screenshots for a better understanding and I'm gonna list some more information.
    - The new spell progression type and stat fields need to be populated if you want the MP automation to work properly.
    - The MP spell system has replaced the old spellslot system. The bonus MP from a high spellcasting stat and the class MP are automated as are the resting mechanic and the use of spells (click on the casting button left to the spell name to use the MP).
    - In the base 3.5e/PF1e ruleset spells dragged into the character sheet lost all formatting. I've rewritten it so the formatting now stays in place - an extension for this is no longer needed.
    - Available spell levels are filtered on the spellcasting class level.
    - "Casting" or "actions" for items, class abilities and such can still be done in this system. There may be another system in the future for such cases if I get some nice ideas on how to implement it.
    - The current MP field has to be manually edited if your level up or change the value of the spellcasting stat. I might change that in the future but for now this seems to be the least desctructive method.

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    v0.31 Item record enhancements

    • [ADDED] Equipment fields
    • [ADDED] Chocobo fields
    • [ADDED] Cybertech fields
    • [ADDED] Firearms fields
    • [ADDED] Gun Arms fields
    • [ADDED] Technological Gear fields
    • [ADDED] Alchemical Items fields
    • [ADDED] Royal Arms fields
    • [CHANGED] Firearms are now split into simple, advanced, artillery and explosives
    • [CHANGED] Left offset of numberfields and stringfields in the item records
    • [CHANGED] Royal Arms are now listed under the weapons type

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    v0.32 Spell handling enhancements

    • [ADDED] Spellcasting mod selection for damage and heal calculation
    • [ADDED] Damage and heal actions have a target selection like effects. This enables players to automatically roll on themselves.
    • [CHANGED] Width of DC misc field



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    v0.4 Additional data records
    • [ADDED] Deity records and sidebar entry. Draggable onto the deity field on the charsheet.
    • [ADDED] Traits record and sidebar entry. Draggable onto the Feat/Talent/Trait section on the charsheet->abilities.
    • [ADDED] Talents record and sidebar entry. Draggable onto the Feat/Talent/Trait section on the charsheet->abilities.
    • [CHANGED] Abilities->Feat section changed to Feat/Talent/Trait section, indicating on drop which ability type was dropped.
    • [ADDED - EXPERIMENTAL] FFd20 conditions - these are currently not automated
    • [ADDED - EXPERIMENTAL] Optional Systems - the options are implemented in the options menu but currently don't have any funtion

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