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    Starfinder Society interest check

    We're currently caught up on scenarios, meaning we've run every scenario released so far - and new scenarios will be released less frequently going forward (January and February seem to have only one release each).

    For most weekends, this mostly leaves older scenarios people haven't played yet (potentially also replays) or repeatables - or not running SFS at all.

    In practice this could mean less regular games and games mostly due to specific player requests.

    I have records of most regulars on what scenarios they haven't played yet but if you have a specific request for a scenario (on Fantasy Grounds Unity), feel free to post below, including the scenario and possible dates.

    Similarly, if you want to get started with SFS, let me know what times may work for you.

    Just bear in mind that due to timezones it's likely I can only run scenarios on the weekend (somewhat regularly on SAT 6.30 PM UTC or SUN around 2 PM UTC, at times maybe also SAT around 2 PM UTC or SUN 6.30 PM UTC).

    Starfinder Society Guide to Organized Play
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    I'm completely new to Starfinder, and I would like to occasionally play SFS scenarios on the weekend. I have read several SF rulebooks and am very familiar with PF1 and somewhat familiar with PF2. I am pretty good with FG Unity and own lots of SF content on FG. I'd be available frequently on Sundays and occasionally on Saturdays. I'm on PST, so I think UTC-8. That would mean probably only start times in UTC late afternoons and evenings.

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    We may be able to schedule some SFS on Saturdays and occasionally Sundays - though likely the start will not be later than around 6.30 PM UTC.

    I'll probably try to run a low tier scenario (levels 1-4 or 1-2) sometime in January.

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    I'm an early bird, so any start time 8:00am PST or later would be great. I have a level 1 character that I've never played, but intended to use for in person SFS games. I could load him into FG pretty easy. Thanks for the response!

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    I would be interested in joining.

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    I could play at the 6:30 UTC Saturday time slot. I’ve been GMing Starfinder for several years but I haven’t ever got to be a player for Starfinder.
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    I'll try to schedule a tier 1-2 or 1-4 session on one of the next two weekends on SAT around 6.30 PM UTC then.

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    I am available Sat Jan 15 or 29 and any Sunday in January. I'm generally available every other Saturday and the opposite every other Sunday. Thanks for trying to find a date and time that new SFS folks can play.

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