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    Traveller Month at the FGA [January 2022]

    Traveller Month is back at the Fantasy Grounds Academy!

    We have a bunch of classes on the schedule as well as 3 symposiums in a moderated Q&A format.

    We are bringing back Matthew Sprange and MBM for a Traveller on Fantasy Grounds-themed event, Dale McCoy and Pharoid to talk about being indie publishers and getting their content on Fantasy Grounds, and Seth Skorkowsky and Matthew Sprange to chat about all things TTRPG.

    Please follow the link for more information!


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    In case any of you missed our last Traveller 2e symposium with Mongoose Matt, and author Seth Skorkowsky, here is the archive video link..

    There are also other videos regarding Jan 2022 Traveller 2e, including helpful information and guides about the Traveller 2e Ruleset in Fantasy Grounds Unity.
    Playlist here: Mongoose Traveller 2: Fantasy Grounds Unity: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...UgoQLyAqpsWqYT
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    That month was a blast! Thanks to the FGA crew for putting it on.

    So during the year based on the conversions I hope to get all Core Rulebooks complete and the 2022 update. SmiteWorks will be looking to add some Bundles for you.

    There will be 12 ruleset updates with each featuring a theme, ie Trade or NPC's etc.

    We hope there will be at least a dozen books converted and added.

    Token Packs will be created, allowing you to use them in whatever ruleset you want, all official Mongoose approved.

    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
    Come join me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/MadBeardMan to see what I'm up to!

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    FGA, totally awesome job with many engaging sessions.
    MBM, you are a beast! Thank you for all the work and looking forward to all the content.

    Stay safe all,

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