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    Message of the Day


    just had an annoying instance where I dropped a story link into the message of the day, and it replaced the whole thing.
    Fine - understand that maybe this is intentional (though I think this may be new), but this led me to have 2 questions:

    1. Where is the "Message of the Day" text stored (and is therefore editable outside of FGU, so I could easily change it or back up the text)

    2. Is it possible to put links to Story elements in the MotD?


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    Message of the day is stored in the campaign DB.xml file under <motd></motd> tags. You can restore previous one if you have database backups.

    Currently if you drop story entry it overwrites the whole content, which is how it is designed to use as per the short description in the box. If you have links to shared notes and etc they will be as link list and this is your workaround, which is not convenient but it is a way to do it.
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    Thanks... will check out the file and do as suggested.

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    Any advice on removing old maps or items from the MOTD? I am having no luck finding any answer to this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightnerd View Post
    Any advice on removing old maps or items from the MOTD? I am having no luck finding any answer to this.
    Change the link line to "Body" formatting - either via the right-click menu or by pressing CTRL+1. Further info on the different paragraph types can be found in the Wiki here: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...ed-Text-Fields
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    Thank you apologies for the double post.

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