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    HalC please try the GURPS - ALL-IN-ONE, soon I will correct the independent extensions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yako2020 View Post
    HalC please try the GURPS - ALL-IN-ONE, soon I will correct the independent extensions.
    Hi Yako2020,
    Good news / bad news:

    The good news is, I downloaded the All_in_one - tried it, and got the exact same error. The bad news is - having tried the all in one, I found that I will likely stick to using only the shops one simply because I'm not too keen on the following:

    I use the other dices for other things including my random generators in Tables.

    I'm not too keen on having the "modifiers" box inside of the chat area. I unlocked the chat window and tried to move it away thinking that the modifier's box was atop of it - was't true. The box was showing up inside of the chat window no matter where I moved it. So that's one feature I'm not to keen on - but that others may very well like.

    Ultimately, the problem lies in the script itself. I think you're trying to use a string field as a numeric field instead of using a function like "Value(String)" where you subtract X from Y to get a Z result. In testing it, I found that we could have an "Item" in the shop, then have a player select the item, then hit the buy button. It did not subtract the cost of $600 from the character's money amount of 5000 listed in the "inventory" area. In fact? What did happen was this:

    First, we had only one line showing that the character had $5000. After the player bought the item for $600, it failed to deduct $600 from $5000, but also added a "new" line for money where the data showing was a simple "$" with spaces on it. I wish now I had done a screen shot for you - but it effectively added a new money entry line in the inventory area.

    I like what you've done, and even in its current state (either Shops alone, or All_in_one) - it still generates the error of trying to do a math operation on a string variable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HalC View Post
    I think you're trying to use a string field as a numeric field instead of using a function like "Value(String)" where you subtract X from Y to get a Z result.
    The lua code in FG for this conversion is tostring(number) and tonumber(string)

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    I increased the width of some fields and went to test the store and managed to sell normally, I also added the HP field in defense for the shields and over time I will try to apply damage to it. Over time (weekend) I will review inventory and store individually and enter these adjustments for shields and re-enable the individual extensions in FORGE.

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    HalC when I made this extension of "Adjustments" I did it thinking about the following, due to the problem with people who say that FG is difficult, but what is actually a problem is that people don't read or make the effort (yes, unfortunately this is my group), so I thought if I adjust a few fields here and there, will I have a better experience?
    So I started with the possibility of the characters having longer names, or maybe first and last names!?!
    So I decided to change the image anchoring in panel mode, where it sticks on the right side of the chat and on the right side of the sidebar, that is, it doesn't "lose" area.
    In many times (even after playing many adventures over the years) it was always a martyrdom to ask for a test in the Dice Tower or to ask them to apply a modifier (Generic and Situational) it was always minutes of waiting to hear one I didn't think, so I thought, let's make these "items" visible to players, that's why I pinned them to the chat, and yes I removed the data and left only the GURPS Dice, unfortunately it's not possible to anchor the die in the chat, but I'm still thinking of a another location for that dice.
    And now regarding the "shops" I made a video using my extension and Ronnke's ruleset, and first of all SORRY FOR MY HORRIBLE ENGLISH!

    Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/0R6F3cwaW1o

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    Hi Bruno,
    Do not feel badly about your English - My Portuguese is far worse than your English.

    Just so you understand my thoughts on this - you're doing something that for now, I cannot. If someone cooks a meal for me, I don't complain about it - because they are being kind to me for even cooking in the first place.

    I like what you are doing with the SHOPS extension, and even if it does have some problems with it while I'm using it, it works well enough for what I need that I won't complain. If I mention that there are some error messages popping up, that is more for your sake so that if you want to fix it, you can. If you can't get to it for a while, that's fine. If you aren't having problems with it while I am - then it is possible that you have a far more customized set up than I have for my Fantasy Grounds.

    Heck, it took me a while to migrate from Fantasy Grounds Classic to Fantasy Grounds Unity!

    I'll hold off from the other extensions - but I will keep using the Shops one at the very least. Some day, when I'm not feeling really stressed out from work (which unfortunately, is a common occurrence - I will try and figure out how to work with extensions and modify the stuff for my own use.

    For now, my use of FGU is limited to about twice a month for gaming in one campaign, and maybe once per week in a second campaign that is strictly one on one gaming in a cyberpunk campaign.

    For now, I appreciate what you're doing - when you can do it. I'm also VERY thankful that the work being done for GURPS users is steadily improving to the point where I plan to buy the final product once it is made available. Why? Because all of you who have been working to make it what it is, have been so generous with your time and your unceasing efforts deserve SOME reward.

    Well, I should have been in bed long ago, it is going to be another long night at work I'm afraid. Catch you all soon.

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    So from what I understand the error is occurring in FGC's GURPS?

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