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    Hi Similarly,

    Okay so from what you posted your new table is called NPC Names (Spanish), and this is working correctly. So if that's the case the Story templates only need a little adjustment to make them work. I'm going to presume that you have laid out the table in the same way as me: male forename, female forename, surname.

    Let's start with the Male NPC story template. So at the top of that in square brackets we have a call to the the names table:

    [NPC Names|1] [NPC Names|3]

    This is rolling twice on the the NPC Names table, the first result returns an entry from column 1 and the second result pulls from column 3. So to make your NPC Name title work it would need to be the following:

    [NPC Names (Spanish)|1] [NPC Names (Spanish)|3]

    If that bit works for you then the 5. entry would also need to change from this:

    #NPC Names|1# #NPC Names|2#

    To the following:

    #NPC Names (Spanish)|1# #NPC Names (Spanish)|2#

    That should get things working for you, now to explain the Story Template tags. So the square brackets with the name in [NPC Names] will roll on the NPC Names table. The pipe symbol | tells it which column to pull the result from. So we query that table twice, the result is always returned and stored in a hashtag # result. So in our case the first query against column 1 is stored in hashtag 1, our second roll on the table against column 3 is stored in our second result from the table with is hashtag 2.

    So looking at the Female NPC, presuming the above entries have worked, would look like this:

    [NPC Names (Spanish)|2] [NPC Names (Spanish)|3]

    #NPC Names (Spanish)|1# #NPC Names (Spanish)|2#

    Once you get the hang or Story Templates they become a lot of fun to use, especially in sandbox type adventures. I'm (still) building out Highways Of Blood by Critical Hit publishing. A good example of using Story Templates in that scenario is the old abandoned caravan park. The book give you a table of 100 possible things player might come across while going through a caravan. Depending on the degree of success they might get one, two or three results. So I have a story template that rolls on the tabe table three times and throws in some other details about things that they might have stumbled across. As there are dozens of caravans trying to remember what they stumbled across and in which caravan could be a real pain to journal; using templates makes it super simple. Remember that one Story Template can roll and reference the results from multiple tables.

    I suspect your brackets around Spanish are confusing it. I've never used brackets, only standard text. I would suspect you would need to remove the brackets from the above and give that a go.

    Powerful and fun stuff, let me know if it works for you.
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    Thank you so much! You were right: it was the brackets! I should have known, but it's been so long since I did any real coding that I forgot little things like that could mess it up. I've uploaded my Spanish name version of your module. Feel free to use it however you like, or release it as you like as a future variation on your module.

    Thanks for your help and explanations! I really appreciate it!
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    Thank you for sharing, I’ve added it to the module and posted it. Once it’s been verified by the FG team I’ll make it live. Name checked you in the reference manual.

    Anyone else who has name tables or NPC template and would like them included, please post them here.

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    New build is now available in the Forge.

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    Hi all,

    New version is now available on the live stream.

    The Story Template generators have been updated to put a stat block directly in them; this was done as some people didn't want to have to create an NPC record to obtain stats. The new Stat block has full, half and fifth values populated. There are then two options given at the bottom of the newly created record detailing how to setup NPC records.

    I've included an NPC Attribute Roller so if you want to roll all the attributes straight to Chat with the full, half and fifth values you can do that too. This could be shared with players and used in place of the normal characteristics roller provided in the ruleset.

    The reference manual has had a few more items added, including a how-to on sharing the record as I don't think it's as obvious as I thought it was for people new to FGU.

    Here's a screen shot of what you can expect from a newly generated Story entry from one of the Story Templates.


    If you find the module useful, then please give it a rating on Forge. If you want to contribute names tables for a given language, then by all means sent me a CSV file and I'll do my best to include the new tables and supporting records. Any other suggests on things you'd like to see added are very welcome too.
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    I’ve updated the module again, this time including occupations from the Keepers guide to flesh out you NPCs a little further.

    Story Templates have been reformatted to make the results a little more pretty. Skill have been formatted so they can be copied straight into an NPC record and be rollable. The reference manual has a number of additions too, including how to roll specific occupations if required.

    With this release I think I’ve gone about as far as I can with this module. Unless you all have some other suggestions for additions I will leave it be. I think you’ll find the skill boosts for the occupations to be quite useable and have for me have made some fun NPCs in campaigns.


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    Does this have the ability to customize the ranges of stats or skills that the system churns out, or is it completely random?

    For example, I have created two "races" for Heer soldiers for my A!C campaign in CoC, troopers and officers, both with different stats. So trooper CONs are higher, and EDU for officers. Their skills vary in similar ways (pistols for officers, rifles for troopers).

    Here examples of their stats. The rolls look quite weird, but the idea is to have them within fairly tight tolerances so I don't end up with officers dumb as a rock, and troopers who can't run more than a hundred meters. Though both do exist...


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    Yes not a problem, there's really no magic with it. All you need to do is copy the Person Template, then edit the values adding what you've shown posted. The one thing we can't modify is the x5 multiplier although I wish we could. Run /importnpc in the chat window and import the attached xml files.

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