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    SWD Charisma

    Does the Charisma modifier not get applied to persuasion and streetwise rolls automatically by design? I was just testing and it doesn't seem to. I was also trying to make an effect called "Outsider [Charisma -2]" that would automatically apply the modifier but it doesn't seem to work either. I wanted to use it for Hellfrost so I could apply the affect to characters when they were away from their people and then remove it if they were around others of their kind.

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    Have you tried
    Outsider [Persuasion|Streetwise -2]
    I don't have SWD, so I'm not sure if this works.

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    The Charisma penalty or bonus isn't getting applied to Persuasion or Streetwise rolls for SWD, so I'd say it's a bug. It's been a while since I ran something with SWD, but I recently loaded up a Weird Wars II campaign with SWD to test something. I noticed the Charisma modifier wasn't getting applied, but because it wasn't the focus of my test I'd forgotten about it. I haven't run FG Classic for some time, so I'm not sure if it works with it. I seem to recall Charisma working at some point for FGU, so I believe this might be caused by some update in the past year or so.

    I'd recommend reporting it as a bug.

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