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    (Paid)(5e) Dragons in Lost mine of Flapdoodle(Phandelver), Wednesdays, 6-9PM CST

    Game: D&D 5e
    Group type: Online (Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape and Discord)
    Experience: New players welcome! Individual players are welcome! No experience with D&D or Fantasy Grounds is necessary.
    Location/Timezone: Im CST(-5)
    Schedule: Wednesdays, 6:00 p.m. CST - Next session on Wed, December 8th –we will figure out when you can do a session zero with me before then.
    Roles sought: Player 1-3 open slots, We currently have a Barbarian and Sorcerer
    Game style: I try to keep a balance of Exploration, Combat, and, Roleplay
    Cost: $10 USD per player, per session

    I am mixing the two starter kits which are Lost Mine of Phandelver and Dragons of Icespire Peak

    This campaign will run from Level 1 to 6 (at least) and will be customized to your characters. We'll leave out the parts that aren't fun, and integrate your character backgrounds into the setting.
    Join now: https://startplaying.games/adventure...ee4000085f80d6 this is scheduled for the 7th but it is not required as it can be done any time before then it just needs to be done before the 8th
    Player Options
    The Books I have in Fantasy Grounds are: Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, Sword Coast Adventure Guide, Tasha’s Calulderon of Everything, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Storm Kings Thunder, Tales of The Yawning Portal, Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, Mythic Odysseys of Theros, Monster Manual, and Unearthed Arcana
    If you want something outside of those ask me and I will see if I can accommodate.

    About me:
    Hi, there! I have been running Dungeons & Dragons 2000 and playing since 1988, I currently focus on D&D 5th edition. I've run games for players from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels.
    I love introducing the game to new players, so if you're unsure of the rules or fantasy grounds, give one of my games a try. I am all-inclusive in my games. I give safety tools so you can let me know if you are uncomfortable or if something is bothering you.

    Read some reviews: https://startplaying.games/gm/darkrynn

    How to prepare
    Players should have a mic for discord and should install the Free Demo version of Fantasy Grounds Unity A free Syrinscape account is required and I will give you the link to my game once you have signed up.

    What I provide
    DM is a Fantasy Grounds Unity Ultimate license holder (no cost to join or download Fantasy Grounds). Audio through Syrinscape.

    How will character creation work?
    Players will participate in a 'Session 0' for character generation. Characters will be created in Fantasy Grounds. Standard array or Three sets of 4d6 reroll 1’s, drop the lowest, from their take the set you want.

    Scheduling, I intend to run 3-4 weeks of a month and take the last week of unless there is a holiday on another week. However, I am pretty flexible if we need to do it every week that is fine as well or if we need to back off that is fine as well.

    Why pay to play D&D?
    There are lots of reasons that a player might have trouble finding DM that is consistently reliable for an adventure or campaign. I simply will not leave you hanging or ghost on you.

    Here are the facts:
    You have the ability to leave the campaign at any time, and the only way I can get you to stay is by providing high-quality entertainment that makes you feel you are getting value.
    You will be playing with other players who have decided that gaming is important enough to them that they are willing to pay.
    I am constantly investing in new content – books, maps, tokens, audio, and new adventures!
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