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    Connection Issues

    I'm having a hell of a time with Fantasy Grounds Classic as of late.

    For the last three weeks, my computer has been running fine. No problems whatsoever, and no new software, updates, or anything else going on. But when I go to load Fantasy Grounds to host a weekly game, things start to frag up and frag up bad.

    First, the Connection Test runs quickly and passes without a hitch. I load the campaign and let everyone know it's ready, but they all start telling me they can't connect. So I exit back to the main menu and run the Connection Test only to get a long pause (and often times very long, to the point of hanging) before seeing that big red FAILURE message taunting me like the Angel of Death.

    So I do all the usual things. I make sure port 1802 is open (it was before I started FG, but suddenly isn't until I open it back up); I reboot the modem, router, and PC; and then I try the whole loading FGC process all over again. Only now the Connection Test won't succeed at all, and after a few more attempts, my entire Internet connection refuses to work UNLESS I load a VPN (ProtonVPN to be specific).

    And it continues to stay that way for hours upon hours, once until noon the next day. The first two weeks a factory reset of the router got my Internet (but not FGC) working, but now even that isn't working.

    Three of my players are in IT, one of whom is an expert with networks, and they are all completely baffled by this even after having me run multiple tests and diagnostics. Neither I nor they have any idea what's going on, but it's getting to the point where I just want to throw my entire PC out the window and become a Luddite hermit.

    So my lost hope is all of you. Do any of you have any idea what the Hell is going on and/or how to fix it?

    And why on Earth does this program have so many problems with this sort of thing when countless other games and programs manage to host things without any problem whatsoever? (This paragraph is more of a rhetorical rant than a serious question, just in case that wasn't obvious.)

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    Well, as you know, FGC hasn't changed in many months as it is no longer being updated, so the change in behavior has to do with something else. The behavior to me sounds like a router engaging Flood Protection or QOS or similar. If you try a different network (such as via a phone hotspot) do you still see this behavior? If not, it indicates something between your computer and the internet, which is generally either your router, modem, or your ISP. The first thing would be to check your router and/or modem. See if anything like Flood Protection or QOS is enabled. Also check the log files of those devices, to see if they are indicating any warnings or errors in the right time frame.

    More details can be found here;

    Also, it's possible something your ISP is doing, such as Advanced Security. See more details here;

    And, as you noticed, VPNs are getting around this. Here is more information on options;

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