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    The group under Skills (not on the character sheet, but the skills button on the far right). I had created groups for each of the six attributes and the ones that had not yet had any skills under them were removed/deleted when I started the server back up the next day.

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    That is a feature of CoreRPG.

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    If you drag a character's skill to the hotbar/shortcut (whatever you call the bar at the bottom), it doesn't respect/use the roll modifiers pop-up from that character's sheet. I'll add that I REALLY wish there were some quick mod buttons available down by the dice as they come up often with the way cover/concealment works in the game.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I have a list from our patrons that I am working on. So maybe this will make the list. I have lots of plates spinning at the moment.

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    Error when locking/unlocking an NPC entry

    I get the following error whenever I lock or unlock an NPC entry (image attached).
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    This one seems pretty major. I can't find a way to roll initiative for NPCs, which should be linked to their Perception. Would be nice to also have an option to reroll initiative each round automatically (characters and NPCs).

    (Sorry for the spam, just testing things this morning...excited about the ruleset.)

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    Ok man I'll get that fixed tonight. I was messing around with locks and missed something

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    Check the combat tracker for npc initiatives roll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bayne7400 View Post
    Check the combat tracker for npc initiatives roll.
    My options from the CT Menu:
    1) [X icon] Close Window
    2) [TRASH CAN] > Delete Non-Friendly or Delete Foes Only
    3) [HANDSHAKE] Turn Order > Reset Turn Order

    Other than that, I have a "Next Actor" button at the bottom, the Arrow icon I can drag to the acting character on the CT and a client button (which opens a second CT that shows the Player view of the CT).

    Am I just missing something obvious here?

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