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    Very sorry to hear this, my condolences. His job spreading RPGs and FG in particular was great.

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    This news crushed me all weekend when I first heard about it Saturday evening. Its hard to sum up my feelings. I started watching his videos on youtube over 6yrs ago and he inspired me to take a shot at streaming myself. He was so personal and such a wonderful GM. I enjoyed speaking with him and staying connected with him over email. I had the pleasure of having him play in a few of my games and I always loved having him as a player. He just had so much fun and his enthusiasm rubbed off on others to be sure. I will miss him so very much.
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    Very sad. My condolences to any family he had, and to the staff at SmiteWorks. Must be tough for you guys.

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    Shocking and terribly sad news. Dave was an amazing person personally and in the RPG industry. I appeared twice on Fantasy Grounds Fridays and Dave was always so friendly and welcoming, making the potentially stressful experience of doing a video interview a breeze. Each time we hung out for an hour afterwards talking and talking about RPGs - we could have done that for hours.

    A great loss to Fantasy Grounds, the RPG industry in general and to all who knew him. Rest in peace Dave!
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    We are going to miss David. He was a mentor and friend to all of us, and certainly an inspiration for myself and our community. I think David's contributions to this hobby, to the community, and to myself personally, were instrumental in bringing us all together to play RPGs. Rest in peace David, you work is immortalized through all of us and the community that you helped build!

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    So sorry to hear. His love and joy came through his videos and his interactions with people. I will miss seeing and hearing him. May his memory be eternal.

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    Where to start, I often try and find the best or the good of every situation; however, I have failed to do so in this case, and the term "too soon" is at the forefront of my every thought in this regard. David was not just a coworker but a friend. He was always bringing so much laughter to our meetings, interactions, and everything he was involved in. I will always remember when Carl finally agreed to go on to Fantasy Grounds Fridays and Dave fell right out of his chair. The entire meeting erupted into laughter. That was just who I knew Dave to be. A truly good-hearted and caring person who would do anything to get a smile or a laugh. I will certainly miss him and everything he brought to not just SmiteWorks but to life. Farewell, my friend, and I hope that wherever you may be, there are dice in your hands and shelves of tabletop goodies all around you.

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    I got this terrible news early this morning in Barcelona from our Fantasy Grounds Español community staff.
    My thoughts are with his family and friends. Indeed he'll be missed.

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    Dave was a true friend. I worked with him, but we were also friends. I met him online in 2015, but we met in person finally at the FG Unity launch in FL in 2019. He was an inspiration. He and I became more personal after we met. We had many conversations one on one and we always laughed. I spent about two hours last Spring trying to convince Dave to get the COVID vaccine. He wouldn’t have it. I’m sick to my stomach that I couldn’t do a better job of convincing him. He’s not the first friend I’ve lost.

    RIP to my dear friend Dave. I love you brother.
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    This is very sad news. David was instrumental in my knowledge of Fantasy Grounds and streaming. I enjoyed his content and his presence when we streamed and interacted online. His memory will be a blessing.

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