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    Star Wars D6 Ruleset Playtest

    Game System: Star Wars D6
    Proposed Day of Week: This coming Saturday or Sunday
    Proposed Time of Day: TBD, will find a time that works for the players
    Your Timezone: Pacific (-8)
    Proposed Frequency: One-Shot

    Player License: Demo version of FGU.
    Voice/Text: Voice/Video through Discord (video not required)
    Mix of RPG/Combat/Strategy: Roleplaying is possible, but the scenario is set up mostly for combat and tactics
    Permitted Source Books: N/A
    Permitted/Restricted Player Options: Pre-Gens will be provided
    Setting/Adventure Info: To playtest a new ruleset being developed for Star Wars D6 I am running a one-shot session going through the second half of A New Hope. This will include the Death Star escape, and if we have enough time also the Battle of Yavin/Trench Run. During the Death Star escape players will be able to choose between Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C-3PO, and R2-D2. During the battle of Yavin players can decide to switch out for Biggs, Wedge, or Porkins if they feel the character played during the Death Star escape would not otherwise be involved enough.
    Duration of session: 2-3 hours, maybe more if we are having fun and move onto the Battle of Yavin.

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    This ruleset will be popular.

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    Very interested depending on the time. If it doesn't work for me would love to see a stream or recap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    Very interested depending on the time. If it doesn't work for me would love to see a stream or recap.
    Sent you a PM.

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