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    Chronicles sent.

    Edit: Next week I may try Starfinder Society Scenario #4-10: The Way In (5-8) or The Starfinder Four vs. the Hardlight Harlequin (if released).

    Any preference on the date/scenario?

    SAT later slot and SUN early slot should be clear, SUN later slot is TBD.
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    Same slot as today would be ideal (Sat later slot)
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    I probably can't start too late on Saturday as I have another game then (although I could possibly cancel that if needed, it's a repeatable anyway). Other than that, next weekend is still free.
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    Saturday Afternoon is best. sunday morning US time I have a commitment.

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    Scenario #4-10 The Way In. Saturday later slot.
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    Cross-posting here:

    Is there any interest in a game on Saturday, November 27th, 6.30 PM UTC?

    If yes, please indicate what scenario would work best for you by Monday UTC evening.

    Options (non-exhaustive) would include

    4-11: A World's Ambition (7-10)

    Starfinder Adventure: The Starfinder Four vs. The Hardlight Harlequin (four 4th-level pregens) [you can apply the credit to level 1-4 characters]

    An older scenario (please indicate the desired level range, e.g. 1-2, 1-4, 3-6, 5-8, 7-10, 9-12)
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    Yes, I would be interested in playing a game on Saturday. Either the Starfinder Four vs. The Hardnight Harlequin as a 4th-level pregen or an older scenario for levels 1-2, if there is enough consensus for this level of game. I am currently reading through some material for the Starfinder Society and Pathfinder Society with the idea of creating some first level characters to be used in these scenarios.

    As an afterthought, why not consider playing through a Starfinder adventure path as a regular game on a Saturday, starting with level 1 characters as an alternative.
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    There are definitely advantages and disadvantages of both campaigns and one-shots.

    Ultimately, what it comes down to is that a campaign depends on most players and the GM being able to make most weekends over a period of just under a year - which is far greater challenge logistically than anything one-shots can throw at you.

    This also depends a lot on other obligations (and games): One campaign at a regular date per week is generally doable - but even a single campaign means you are less flexible to deal with anything else life throws at you - and the difficulty only increases with multiple campaigns. One-shots are usually easier to fit into the various schedules.

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    The Starfinder Four vs. The Hardnight Harlequin as a 4th level pregen for the credit would be suitable.

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