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    Interest check SFS #4-09: Through Sea and Storm [9-12; no pregens] in November

    Times are usually SAT or SUN 2.30 PM UTC or 6.30 PM UTC [with the exception of the very first option due to DST ending).

    Please note that your UTC offset may have changed last week or may change next Sunday.

    Currently SFS #4-10: The Way In scheduled for SUN November 7th @ 2.30 PM UTC but I'd prioritize the 9-12 if necessary.

    November 11th to 14th is Starfinder One-Shot The Great Grav-Train Robbery double AcP weekend.

    Doodle link.

    I'd estimate around 4 hours but the higher level ones can reach 5 hours.

    About the scenario:

    A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 9-12.

    Thanks to the First Seeker's ongoing efforts, a group of Starfinders receive an exclusive opportunity to visit planet Pholskar and explore part of the restricted ruins of a fallen storm giant city. Before they can delve the ruins, the team must survive a dangerous atmospheric descent and impress a diplomat. As they acclimate to the world of the giants and investigate the ruins, they learn more about the causes of the war that toppled the fallen sky city.

    Written by: Jessica Catalan

    Scenario tags: Starship
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