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    About Items & Weapons after Running the Mobile Compendium Exporter?

    I ran the module generator for the portable compendium and got 4e ruleset modules for Feats, Powers and NPCs - kudos to whoever created such a terrific tool! I noticed over in the Mobile Compendium module exporter thread, that some DMs are expecting weapons and items content. I'm certain that the exporter I used only explicitly exports the feats, powers and NPCs. I'm wondering if there's a way to run something similar for all the items and weapons in the Portable Compendium?

    Or if not, is there anyone out there that's already done that and who has an exported Item module to share?.

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    OK, so I figured it out. There's a newer version of the module exporter, but it will only work with the 3.6.1 Portable Compendium downloader. Well bummer about that - I never got a sub before it was discontinued in 2020, so looks like my players and I are SOL unless I create the armor, items, implements and weapons on an as needed basis. Being someone who almost manually imported all of Kobold Presses' Tome of Beasts and much of their Creature Codex for 5e over the span of a year, I'm someone who's willing to put in considerable effort. The problem though, is that 4e had an explosion of content for the features I'm missing and it amounts to a huge effort, even if only creating them as needed.

    Very frustrating and disappointing that the later scripts that handle armor, items, implements and weapons weren't also created for the standalone Mobile Compendium.
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