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Thread: Any News?

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    why were the old modules taken down? Like i am currently running A0-A9 but only purchased A1/2. Now if those books do not make it to the forge with haste my game that I promised to people on our forums here will be cut short and I wont be able to deliver what I said because FG took down the books.
    I once had a thot. But then again I use to know how to spell too. I guess I left them both at the mall.

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    why is it for sale on the forge? why not in the normal shop where i can by it with paypal rather than buying a virtual currency first. I could understand the argument for the Forge gold when its for small price items but this is two books for twenty five dollars each?

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    The reason the Troll Lord gave (during one of their recent twitch streams) for having it on forge is that they have control of what gets put up and when. If it is on the normal store Fantasy Grounds chooses when to put it up and when to release updates

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    those 2 books my understanding @hawkwind are also the full books and the ones in the FG shop were basically cut in half.
    I once had a thot. But then again I use to know how to spell too. I guess I left them both at the mall.

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    Wow that's great! But a question hit me here: I have to have the Forge version and then I would have two versions of C&C or will my old version be updated to the new version?

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    I'm seeing (regardless of which rule set I choose when creating a new campaign) all the old and new stuff mixed together in the modules, which is a yet another pain in the *** about this whole thing.

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    Information can be found in the official announcement sticky thread at the top of the C&C sub-forum: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-Announcements
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    So I guess the big question is if we previously had all the original books in our library, what benefit is there to purchasing the duplicated Forge versions (present or future titles)?

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