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Thread: Any News?

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    Any News?

    So any news and release of this "remastered" version of C&C or is it just kind of redoing the existing ruleset? Will it require a new purchase? Anyother relevant information maybe that I did not ask but you may know would be appreciated. Been holding out on starting a C&C game for some information.

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    I would never "hold out" for a ruleset unless the devs have stated that its been submitted for QA. Otherwise its just... well it could be anywhere... or nowhere.

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    I have heard that they are working on it, and we've been doing some coordination. As @damned notes, we don't communicate any information on DLC until we have the files in-house, reviewed and getting them ready for release on the stores; since DLC developers are contracted and we don't have any control over their delivery time frames.


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    Im more interested what exactly is IT? Like if I start a campaign in currently release of rulset am I going to need to the scrap and start over when this release happens? Like is it not going to be the same C&C I currently have bought or is it just going to be somthing like you buy and add on? And keep rolling

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    You would be better asking these questions on the TLG Discord. I believe you'll be able to update an existing campaign to the new ruleset, but it is a one way trip.
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    I asked that same question on the Discord and was told that stuff made for the current ruleset will still run on the rebuilt one. I wouldn't hold my breat on it though. Troll Lord is run by a couple of guys, and they seem to be working on a lot of things at once. As Stephen has joked on his Twitch streams, they run on "Troll Time". Earlier in the year, they'sd said they were shooting for an August release, mid-September at the most, and well...
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