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    Quick status update:

    We are halfway through the first book now (I will try to upload an update of the ruleset when we've finished the first book)

    Since last time this is the status of the ruleset:

    I've "fixed" the combat tracker, so it has an overview of max wounds, current wounds, advantages and of course initiative (thanks for the videos on youtube damned. Those are a lifesaver!)
    The most asked for request from my players so far is some way of managing leveling and xp cost. So I am trying to work that out now.
    So far I've gotten to managing the cost and calculating for weapongroups. The next step is trying to make it functional in play. And adding characterisics and skills of course. But weapons are the easiest, and besides, I am not happy with the weapon tab as it is now. Hopefuly this will solve this

    Happy gaming!

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    Just wanted to give a lifesign and show something I'm working on now

    Career Card.JPG

    I tried using the reference builder for the careers, but it became to much of a hazzle for my players, so I went ahead with blokkaroach's suggestion and added a career tab on the side.
    This will (hopefully) only be GM editable and can be added to the character sheet.
    I've also added the function to populate the talent list for each career level from the main talent list into the career sheet.
    And then the player can easily add the talents they buy from this list.

    So all in all, I was wrong, this was actually a very good suggestion.
    Need to add the trappings as well.

    We are about halfway through the Enemy in Shadows book, and I hope to have a big update on the ruleset fairly quickly after we finish it (whenever that might be).

    Happy gaming!

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    You should approach Cubicle 7 when you think you have the ruleset at a good point.

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    Glad to hear it was a good suggestion I was only talking form the side of a converter, so know nothing of the req's for building a ruleset. Are you converting the books as well while you are doing this?

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    No, I'm just making an empty ruleset for use with 4th edt. All of the data has to be typed in by the user.
    I am pretty sure that if I added all the data from the books I would quickly get an email to stop by 7Cubicle and Games Workshop.
    Although, I've discovered how I can add the possibility to export each data list. Which means when you've populated the Talents list, you can export it and use it for a different campaign with the same ruleset.
    So hopefully, most of the data punching will be a one time thing for everyone.

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    Cubicle 7 sells rulesets for WFRP 4e for Foundry VTT - they may be responsive if you approach them to include your ruleset for another well established VTT.

    I would try them - you never know.
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    In need for some coding help again.

    I have a windowlist which is populated with items.
    When I add or change the items in the list, it goes through it and sums the appropiate values and sets them where they are supposed to go.
    All is well.

    But, after closing FG and then opening the character sheet all the values are zero.

    So, I tried adding an onInit() function

    function onInit()
    local nodeWin = window.getDatabaseNode();
    But this does nothing. I have to change a value in the for the soak function to run (using onValueChanged).

    function onValueChanged()
    local nodeWin = window.getDatabaseNode();
    I also tried to add something I've used before, an onDelete function

    function onDelete()
    local nodeWin = window.getDatabaseNode();
    When deleting a list item, I need it to go through the script and update all the values.

    The soak function is a bit long, but it is basically repeated for each value so I'll just show a small portion of it:

    for k,v in pairs(a_list.getChildren()) do
            if v.getChild("location").getValue() == "Quick Armour" then
            q_armour = 0;
            q_armour = q_armour + v.getChild("ap_value").getValue();
    		soak = q_armour + nTB
    As I've said, when changing the "location" value, it functions perfectly. I just need to make it run on start (onInit), and when deleting (onDelete).

    Does it have something to do with the fact that the code is in a combobox in the windowlist? So when I delete the item, the code does not exist anymore?

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    Okey, I've gotten a few steps closer.

    I figured out how to get onInit to function. And onValueChanged is still active. So that's good.

    But I am no closer in getting the delete function to work.
    Still I think I found the solution in this thread:


    And it seems I need to add a Handler like he did.
    But I don't understand at all how handlers work. I think I am looking right at the solution, and I have no idea what I'm looking at.

    What is a handler? How would I make a handler start? How does it function? Where would i put it?

    I tried looking at the developer guide as well, but honestly I don't understand nothing about what it is written there.

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    with the new fgu update the dice rolls from the character sheet don't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by vankar View Post
    with the new fgu update the dice rolls from the character sheet don't work
    I am on vacation right for the next two weeks, but I'll have a look at it if I get the chance.

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