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    URL Links Extension Created by GM Frostbyte

    I built a thing. it is free. hope you all enjoy.

    What I needed in my campaigns was a way to establish URL links. I use a lot of external tools. Sometimes it is a OneNote where I collaborate with other players and other times it is a website like Scabard. Keeping track of all these links was difficult. I tried storing them in a Story container, but it started getting annoying to update, so I made a Links Container.

    Some of you may have seen this within the last year as I made my first YouTube video on it. I have since improved it and now it is a little more verbose of what it is.

    Last I put some safety guidelines in it. There is a warning message at the start that this campaign uses Links. If you don't know/trust you GM, asking them to turn off this extension should be a reasonable request. This hopefully will prevent a Rick Roll or few.

    Anyway, hope you all enjoy.

    Hopefully it will be available later on the forge


    YouTube Demo:
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    Cool! Great work Frostbyte!
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