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    You can copy and paste Stat blocks and it will generate the NPC record. It I'd a button on the NPC window when you open **NPC record**

    I'm going to remove the combo box I added then
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    I forgot I moved it to an NPC record
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    Hi, I was advised to post this here, re: my experience trying to get Keep on the Borderlands to properly work with OSE2 -

    Hi, having tested this on two different machines with fresh campaigns and no extensions, using the OSE2 ruleset purchased from the Forge, it seems like Keep on the Borderlands will only load correctly with the 2e PHB/DMG/MM loaded, as long as they are the only thing loaded. My attempts to load Old School Essentials results in some sort of corruption occurring with the KotB information. My understanding was that they were designed to work together, but perhaps a recent update has broken something?

    So, again, loading OSE (from the Forge) and then KotB = NPCs with blank stats and items with missing stats (they show up in the list, but have most data missing, I can provide screenshots)
    Loading AD&D 2e alone, then KotB results in the information correctly displaying.

    My goal was to run KotB using BECMI/RC/OSE in some fashion, not in 2e, so perhaps someone could help me figure out what's going on. For now I'll probably just hand-populate the encounters and gear, as the monsters in the OSE SRD and OSE Tome are showing correctly.

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    You need to use the fg bx converter to convert the encounters. It's on my forge page. There is a video to show you how but it is really quite easy to do. I've run this adventure and can say some of the monsters had issues so you will need to double le check them.

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    That did the trick, thank you so much!

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    Hi! I'm getting script errors when trying to calculate encounter XP by button press. I tested it on a fresh OSE campaign

    [ERROR] Script execution error: [string "C:battle_header:button_refreshxp"]:3: attempt to index global 'CombatManagerADND' (a nil value)

    Any suggestions or solutions to that?

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    Let me take a look thank you for the report.

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    Ok it is fixed. Got a little careless with the last update. I always peak at what 2e/5e does on test server and did not update a filename

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    Yay, everything seems to work now. Thanks for the quick action

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