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    I may be forgetting something...

    An error occurs when creating a character on second instance of FG when connected to the localhost on same machine.

    Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome and Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome loaded on the server (DM Client) and on the second instance.
    No extensions.

    On second instance, open "Player" and click on "Characters", which opens "Character Selection".
    Click "Add Item"

    Second instance throws the following error:

    [ERROR] Script execution error: [string "OSE2:campaign/scripts/manager_char.lua"]:170: setValue:
    Unable to create node


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    Found the issue thank you for the report. it was related to a recent update I made, sorry about that.

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    Cool! That was quick.

    Good job.

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    I believe I found a bug with the RESIST effect.
    I've made a test with a Caryatid Column,
    ▶ Damage reduction: Half damage from non-magical weapons.
    attacked her with a +1 Dagger, a Silver Dagger and a normal Dagger and the Caryatid Column is immune to Normal Damage.
    Resist issue.jpg

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    Hey thanks for the report. Not sure what happened there but I took the opportunity to redo the immunity/resist effects script. Should be working for you now. I'll point out a few things though

    The Mummy effect on the NPC record is missing some information. I'll get this updated and send it to Gavin. For now just append !magic to the end of the immunity effect

    The original ruleset is based off of basic fantasy so the only real damage types I automated are, magic, silver and bane weapons. So if you hit a mummy with a torch it doesn't automatically know that you hit him with fire damage. So there is still some hand waving that needs to occur.

    That being said with the change I just made we should be able to integrate the automation by adding the damage type (fire) to the name field and !fire to the immunity field for the effect.

    So the name field might look something like Torch (fire)

    and the effect for something like a Mummy (probably most complicated) might looks like:
    RESIST: fire, magic; IMMUNE: cold, acid, poison, electricity, radiant, chlorine, psychic, silver, mundane, !magic,!fire

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    Thank you ! It works

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    New issue found with multi-classing : I can't alter hit dice or make any modifications in class for a multiclass character. I've no possibility to edit. No padlock appears.

    Issue with multi-class.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Thanks for moving this. I gave a wrong answer yesterday. Copy the magic user record in Side bar. Update the spells in that record. Make sure your player uses that record to level. You might even go ahead and make all your custom records into their own module.

    The multi class level up works by dragging the class record from the sidebar onto the class field. It looks for a record name match and that's it. So if you make your custom class records you should be good to go. It would work like this in 5e or 2e so it is pretty standard.

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    thank you for your hard work put forth to bring this to FG.

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