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    OSE Ruleset Feedback/Bugs Support thread

    If you have suggestions, feedback or bug reports for the OSE ruleset please post them here.

    You can also find us on FG Discord.

    Necrotic Gnome Discord


    The ruleset is downloaded on the Forge for FREE.

    Courtesy of JollyGM and Bayne.


    To Play Old School Essentials on Fantasy Grounds, you will need this ruleset (linked above). You will also need the SRD (available here) or Advanced Tomes (available here) from the Forge. Alternatively, you can build each record in on your own. Its completely plug and play.

    This ruleset is stand alone. When you create your first campaign select the OSE2 ruleset for your game.
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    Small update:

    Updated some of the custom fonts. The Ruleset should now compatible with the Standard FG themes.

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    You cannot read a spell's level or description when using the "FG Dark" theme. They appear to be set to white text on a white background.

    Here's the Barkskin spell with the FG Dark theme

    Here's the Barkskin spell with the FG Light theme

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    Ok thanks looks like I missed two. I was using a standard FG font. I had to add a custom font and change each one individually.

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    Latest update on the Forge. This is the last one (except bug fixes) Until the Core RPG update.


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    Thanks for developing this ruleset. Is there potential to add an option to have the hp rolled for npc/monsters instead of just the average when they are dropped on the CT? Currently even if you make an adjustment to the HP box on the combat tracker it is not permanent. For example, A 2HD creature is given 8 HP when added to the combat tracker. I adjust the HP to 5 and drop 6 damage onto them. The chat says they've been slain but then the HP box is set to 2 remaining.

    My only other question would be is there a way to set a groups initiative in the CT all at once? So after a player rolls initiative I can update all players and then with one initiative roll for the npcs I can update them all.
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    Yeah I'll take a look at the hp issue today.

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    Really great feedback man thanks. So new build is uploaded and I changed the behavior. You may notice that OSE CT responded differently to say 5E. It updated HP total on CT vice just showing wounds. I now delinked it from NPC records. So when you add wounds to a NPC the HP stay unchanged. The messages to the player are separate code and still function (made a minor tweek for NPCs). They will still see wounded, heavy, and dead. Also when an NPC is slain the player will not longer see the " slain message" The wound box will update to dead and on the Host side the name and HP turn blood red as a trigger for the DM.

    Your diagnosis of what was happening was spot on. From now on the HP block in the NPC record is all that matters. Once you drop it onto the CT you can adjust the block on CT or (local CT) NPC record as they are now linked

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    The Hole in the Oak

    In the reference manual, Adventure Overview is empty.

    05.011 11. Teleport Circle

    Consider adding a link to Area 35.

    05.032 32. Hidden Crypt

    Azure Serpent Blade link Adventure Overview links to an empty page 02.000 Adventure Overview.

    05.033 33. Bat's Roost

    NPC: Bat, Normal is linked to SRD rather than adventure.

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    Should the author of Halls of the Blood King and Winter's Daughter be listed as Necrotic Gnome, to make it easier to search for the modules?

    Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 2.30.01 PM.png

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