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    Why are attacks displayed in random order?

    The ruleset does some nice things, but not everything. All of the manual stuff is much more of a pain when you have to figure out the attack order. Any thoughts?

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    Hi, thanks for asking! If you have set up a multiple attack in actions, the attacks show up in the chat in random order. They are labeled (attack, attack #2, attack #3), but the order they are listed is random. Especially when there are fumbles, crits and other events that might need manual intervention, the random order makes the list increasingly cumbersome to parse as the number of attacks increase.

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    Im not sure what Multi Attack is but...

    If you make three rolls in quick succession they will be listed in the order that the dice stop rolling. This is not possible to change.
    If you want to preserve Critical Hit result handling you are generally best off doing -
    (assuming ofc that the Attacks were hits!)

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    It is actually better to roll them individually if your hoping for it to factor effects and crit. Since SFRPG was based on the 3.5e engine, the full attack would not factor effects correctly. I have since limited to a single roll to make that happen. This might be what you are running into and suggest rolling single attacks to ensure effects are factored correctly.
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