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    I am having a big problem with the first step of adding extensions


    I feel like a complete Turkey here but I am unable how to figure out the next step after going to the forge and clicking on “get” for an extension. If I go to my inventory I see it there on the forge page but I have no idea where to go from there. I’ve watched videos and searched the forum and this must be my seventh time smashing my head against this wall…

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    If I go into the FG unity folder and go to extensions that one(ability damage for pf1) does not show up, mostly just themes. I cannot find the extension in my computer downloads so I have no idea what I am missing here, I tried the FG updated as well but nothing…

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    Well I have no idea but it just popped up in the extensions that I can select...seventh times a charm I guess.
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    You download things from the Forge by doing an update, so that's what did it.
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    Yeah, I must have missed it the first time I checked for them.

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    Some extensions are for specific rulesets. Make sure you select a ruleset and then look for compatible extensions for that particular ruleset. Some extensions are universal, others are not.
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    Also, I seem to recall that some items will download to the extensions folder, but some (if they're protected?) go to another folder, I think, so just because you don't see it in your extensions folder doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't downloaded. An easy way to check is when you start up Fantasy Grounds, look in the chat and see what extensions are loaded. You can also download a log (I use it when I look for errors), that will show you which extensions are loaded.

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    Unless it's been updated to do so without me noticing, I also believe the 'Update' button on the launcher doesn't highlight when you have Forge installations or updates to push.

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