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    I went with the forge extension and it worked beautifully, thanks.
    I had players individually running up and down stairs last session and all it took was a mouse click to restore the FoW.
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    Glad it made life easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopHatG View Post
    My two cents. I highly recommend this;

    You can save fow for each player on the map before you swap maps. A life save for multi level floors/dungeons where they go up and down a lot. The players love it in abomination vaults, as they are going up and down levels all the time.

    It's blinding fast (and saves data outside the campaign), so it doesn't bloat the save time every 5 minutes.
    Thank you SO MUCH for this. I am running both Malevolence and Abomination Vaults right now, and dealing with FoW between floors has been an absolute nightmare.

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