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    Considering the responses so far I would skip the Doodle poll and pencil in FRI around 6.30 PM UTC (note that this will get adjusted to 7.30 PM UTC when DST ends at the end of October - assuming you're in Europe, the local time should stay the same however).

    I'll try to get started on October 29th, with the first 15-30 minutes for session 0 stuff.

    I currently have Malkavian_Andi, terezin2015 and myyra on the list, as well as one player from Discord. To somewhat assure a functioning party even if one person is missing, I'll likely look for one additional person (two if people are unsure about their availability). If you know anyone else interested, let me know.

    If you haven't played at one of my tables before, please send me a sentence about yourself and a paragraph about your idea for a character (that consists of more than a description of your ancestry, background and class) [it doesn't necessarily have to be the character you'll end up playing]. I'll write PMs so you have my contact details.

    Some other preliminary notes:

    As a horror adventure, the content includes body horror, filicide, domestic violence, gore, mental illness, mental trauma, mutilation, physical trauma, and suicide. If you feel uncomfortable about one of these topics, please let me know in advance.

    There are no additional backgrounds in the adventure. As mentioned, it's more on the combat heavy side but it does use the (slightly modified) research system from the Gamemastery Guide.

    Unless there are any objections I would use Obsidian Portal for the campaign management (players only need a free account) . As a standalone adventure, it shouldn't require a lot of coordination but there's already one person that's not on the FG forums, so to avoid a telephone game Obsidian Portal would be my preference.

    The campaign page is here but you'll only be able to see it once you get access. Once you have created your account, please send me your Obsidian Portal username so i can invite you to the campaign (you should receive an email from Obsidian Portal with an invite link you'll have to click on).

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    Updating also here for easier reference:

    LF one more player PF2 standalone adventure Malevolence FRI 6.30 PM UTC [7.30 PM UTC once DST ends] (maybe around 8 sessions)

    If you are interested, please send me a DM (or post here). Please include a sentence about yourself and around one paragraph about your idea for a character (that consists of more than a description of your ancestry, background and class) [it doesn't necessarily have to be the character you'll end up playing].

    The other four players are currently thinking about an investigator, a magus or cleric, an oracle and a barbarian.

    Five players in total to make sure there is a decent chance of at least four characters making a session.
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    Currently looks like all spots filled.

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    Hi Stephan,
    I have played in a few of your games before with Alistair Bates.
    As far as time slots go, being in Australia, D and F are the ones for us. Happy to do any of those PF or SF Mods. Actually I would like to do all of those, but Malevolence or Junker's Delight would be my first choices. Still keen to do them all though.
    Thanks for this,

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    I'd love to do F. My timezone (Australian) is hard to make any of the others.

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    Thanks, I'll let you know if there is enough interest in the F timeslot and I have enough capacity for another timeslot. Malevolence would be the likeliest option (to reduce prep overhead).

    In the meantime if you are interested in one-shots, I'm running Starfinder Society One-Shot: Intro #1: The First Test on Sunday, October 31st 9 AM UTC (bear in mind your UTC offset may change that day) and Pathfinder One-Shot #3: Head Shot the Rot on Saturday, October 30th 5.30 PM UTC (though that one may still get rescheduled to SUN sometime during the day if the original timeslot doesn't get enough signups).

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