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    Applying Area of Effect critical results

    Hi All,

    I've created some nasty dwarven arrow heads which 'explode' on impact. All those within a 10' radius cop an A piercing crit, shrapnel basically (the poor target gets more...).

    Following Wolfshield's excellent Tips and Tricks video I can create the A crit for area effect but no 'Apply' button comes up - results can be dragged to each target.

    Is this an easy fix to get these results 'Applied'? (he asked Dakadin...)

    Or, am I doing this wrong and there is another way of doing this - I'm looking at you Sulimo...

    No worries if it's a big ask, it would just keep combat flowing super smooth.


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    This has not come up yet for me.

    I did a super quick test to see what I could get working.

    Here is my setup:

    1 character in CT with one area effect attack (Fireball to make is easy).
    4 Orcs in CT.
    Either use the targeting on the Image to target all of them (draw a box around them), or CTRL+Click each opponent.
    Roll the attack (NOTE: When I did this, it rolled 4 separate attacks).
    Resolve each attack on using the Table Resolver.
    Click Apply for each attack
    If an attack indicates a crit, roll the crit, (the Table Resolver did open the correct Crit table if a crit was indicated), drag the result to the Crit Table.
    Click Apply

    I looked through the options, but did not see anything to allow to roll one attack/crit and have it apply. I might have missed it though.

    Some screen shots:

    This is the Target button on the Image window (click the three dot with the arrow thing to see the menu)

    You can see I have all 4 orcs targeted.

    Rolling the attack:

    GM Side, Table Resolver:

    Click Resolve on the first one, the click apply (Crit table loads):

    Roll Crit, as GM Drag result to Crit Table:

    Apply button appears:

    Repeat for each attack.

    As I mentioned I do not see an option to group the attack/crit, but I could be missing it.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Rainbird,

    For the Apply button to work their needs to be a valid attacker and defender plus the table needs to have the row and column selected or it doesn't have enough information to apply the results.

    Here is how I would handle what you want.
    1. Setup an attack that uses the Puncture critical as the attack table by dragging it to the Attack Table field from the RM Tables.
    2. In the CT, select the targets that will receive the critical.
    3. Roll the Puncture Critical Attack. It will roll it separately for each target.
    4. Resolve each attack and select the A column so you can use the Apply button since you will have all the required components.
    5. Click the Apply button
    6. Move to the next roll to resolve.

    Here is a picture that might help.
    RMC Crit Attack Example.PNG

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Thanks guys for the responses.

    During my initial effort I missed the 2nd part of Dakadin's #4 - click on the relevant critical column to get the 'Apply' button to appear.

    Most appreciated :-) Regards - Rainbird

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