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    [Paid] Fantasy Grounds Tuition for Rolemaster

    Can anyone provide tutorials on GMing Rolemaster Classic using FG? I appreciate there are some good resources for this (e.g. Wolfshield's great series referenced here) but I am interested in instruction from someone experienced in using FG as a GM. I'm happy to pay.

    In brief, after many years being a PC on Rolemaster campaigns, including via FG, I am keen to start GMing using that system. But I am pretty time poor and just want to quickly get myself up to a level I can GM some one shot sessions on FG without embarrassing myself overly much and/or trying the patience of my PCs.

    I have a fairly good knowledge of RMC and FG (as a player character) and so I would like the tuition to be focused on the mechanics of using FG to GM RMC sessions. The topics I think I would like to cover include:
    • PC creation - particularly around armour type, weapons, spells and skills
    • Setting encounters - maps, tokens etc. and creating NPCs
    • Combat resolution - weapons
    • Combat resolution - spells
    • Non-combat encounters - manoeuvres
    • Use of FG and other tools (e.g. Discord) to enhance the game playing experience

    I propose we could connect via FG and Discord and I could share my screen using Discord to receive instruction on running RMC in FG as a GM?

    I live in Sydney, Australia, and am flexible on timing (provided not too anti-social an hour) but would prefer weekends. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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    I've never player Rolemaster, but the videos you linked seem to cover everything anyway. Just take the plunge, if you have already played and are familiar with FG, then the DM side is not much different, just you have more options and can see everything.

    FGA have a discord server with free tutorials and lessons as well. https://discord.com/invite/Ew6nYyw

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    Thanks Jiminimonka. I will have a look at the tutorials and lessons on the FG College.

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    For more up-to-date information, I suggest filling out the FGA Assistance Request Form or pinging Sulimo#9458 on the FGA Discord as they indicated they would be willing to help anyone looking into RMC.

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