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    I would also like to join! For the Subtier I can offer a L7 Envoy and a L8 Melee Soldier.

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    Alright, so currently at five players.

    The other players are bringing two soldiers, one witchwarper, one Solarian 6/Soldier 1.

    Edit: If anyone need the server up, let me know.
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    The server is up.

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    Chronicles sent.

    Next week I believe several people can't make it, so I'm still considering whether to run SFS or PFS2.

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    As we'll be missing a few player during the next few weeks I'm putting up the options a bit earlier.

    Timeslot: My next weekend actually looks pretty open - so in addition to the regular SAT 5.30 PM UTC and SUN 1.30 PM UTC Slot, SAT 1.30 PM UTC, SUN 5.30 and anytime in between would also be possible.

    I'm leaning more towards PFS2 but some SFS options are

    Intro #1: The First Test (1-2),

    4-08: Precious Cargo (1-4) and

    older repeatable scenarios.


    Pathfinder One-Shot #2: Dinner at Lionlodge [this one will run longer, 4th level pregens, can be applied to any character]

    2-06: The Crashing Wave (3-6, repeatable)

    2-08: A Frosty Mug (5-8)

    2-13: A Gilded Test (1-4)

    2-19: Enter the Pallid Peak (1-4)

    Quests or Bounties

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    My only availability next weekend would be the later Sunday slot. I’m not sure what the others would be interested, but my vote would be SFS 4-08 or PF 2-13.
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    I am not sure when I will be back on Sunday so I will apply for a Game on a rather short notice. (I would prefer a Starfinder Game)

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