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    Okay, just so you are aware of it and you know its happening. Working as intended. Thanks, I like what's been done so far. I'll keep filling in data. Thank you

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    Can you post an image of a generic monster filled out as an NPC.. There's alot of different fields and I'm not sure what all the fields are for..


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    I've been playing around with the SotDL ruleset and overall I quite like it, but i did notice a couple of things, there's no option for Items to be Containers (pg 100 of the most recent rulebook for details) and contain other items and thus reduce overall encumbrance.

    Also can you add option (or am I just missing it) so that when you attack with a weapon from the Weapons section you always roll a boon or bane? For example Warriors have Weapons Training and always attack with a boon, it would just be easier if the weapon entry could have banes/boons added to the attack roll I think.
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    Right now containers isnt on my list.
    We are trying to work out the best way to handle those Talents.
    You'll likely see something to support them sometime in the next week.

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