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    FGU and Rolemaster

    We are using unity and the FRP add on to RM classic.
    Had fun with line of site and lightning last week.
    Looking to play more with that,
    I get how a gm adds lighting and dark vision to a token.
    IN D+D 5e I think player can add powers that are light sources.
    Is that doable in RM
    IE other than a gm adding light sources to a token players add them.
    also how can we add dark visions to te characetr - other than a GM adding to the token. Or is that how it is done?
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    Hi rdenning,

    You can use the Senses field on the character sheet and NPC sheet to add vision types for entries in the Combat Tracker. For light's there are some preset button in the Effects window that you can drag to the entries in the Combat Tracker and it will maintain them when moving the PCs to different maps. Hopefully this helps but please let me know if you have any questions.


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