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    If everyone has Teamspeak installed I'd stick with Teamspeak.

    If anyone does not have Teamspeak installed yet let me know and we'll switch over to Discord.

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    I've got both, so I'll be fine with either.

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    Alright, Teamspeak it is.

    Teamspeak instructions:

    Teamspeak Channel: StarFinder Game Channels - Starfinder Society

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    Chronicles sent.

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    Any interest in SFS this weekend?

    I know one player will not be able to make it.

    Options are

    2-08: The Stumbling Society, Part 2: Sangoro's Gifts (5-8), replays available

    1-19: To Conquer the Dragon (5-8)

    3-06: Rise of the Vault Lord (7-10), this one runs long

    [these ones are likely dependent on the availability of another person]

    Intro #2: For the Factions (1-2)

    4-08: Precious Cargo (1-4)

    and some older 3-6s.

    On another note: Any interest in a Starfinder one-shot The Great Grav-Train Robbery on the weekend of November 11th to 14th or PF2 one-shot Head-Shot the Rot on the weekend of October 29th to 31st (double AcP for both). It would be best if I know about these two by Sunday.

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    My availability this Saturday is a bit limited, but I do have time on Sunday. For 2-08, 1-19, and 3-06, I would have to check if I have a character in the level range (which also depends on which subtier we would go for).
    I can definitely play Intro 2 or 4-08.
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    Based on the responses so far, Sunday may be possible.

    I'll let you know about whether it would be the 5-8 ones or the 1-2/1-4 ones once I hear back from one other person.

    [I don't see 3-06: Rise of the Vault Lord (7-10) working in that timeslot.)

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