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    Strange entries in db.xml

    I had the db.xml for one of my 13th Age campaigns opened in Notepad++ and noticed a whole bunch (currently over 20) of entries directly under <root> that look like:

    		<click type="number">0</click>
    		<drag type="number">0</drag>
    		<drop type="number">0</drop>
    		<hover type="number">0</hover>
    		<scroll type="number">0</scroll>
    		<zoom type="number">0</zoom>
    I can't find anything obvious in CoreRPG or the 13th Age ruleset that might be doing this. Any ideas where these might be coming from? I'm worried that they are slowly making campaign files larger over time. Here's my db.xml:


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    I was going to mention that when I was looking at your db.xml for the token question.

    Are you sure that you don't have any extensions that you've loaded? It looks like bad code that is adding dynamic child records directly to root, because it is not checking whether parent node is valid before creating children.


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    I see entries like that in some test PFRPG2 campaigns I work on. It doesn't seem to get out of hand, so I have it on my list to look into at some point but have higher priorities. Good to know it's not just the PFRPG2 ruleset.
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    No extensions loaded. But that doesn't rule out bad code in either 13th Age or CoreRPG rulesets. Mostly I'm curious what would be writing out those kinds of values, because they look image-related to me. It's possible I wrote some bad code in the 13th Age ruleset, but I can't find anything containing controls with those names, or doing direct DB.setValue calls with those names in either ruleset. And since Trenloe says he's seeing it in PF2 as well, that would either point to CoreRPG or the automation framework I got from Trenloe and included in the 13th Age ruleset.
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    I did a case-sensitive, whole-word only search across the rulesets to see if those fields came up, and they didn't. Also, I do not see that in my rulesets.

    The only common denominator that stands out is the GlobalDebug script. I'm not a fan of writing debug data to the database; and that looks like debug data of some kind.


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    Just to follow up, we discussed this over email; and this appears to be something injected by the Properties Inspector extension from @lokiare. I've let him know.


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