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    LFP: I want to run a bunch of one shots before making a full campaign again. Join up!

    My last campaign completed successfully so I'd like to run a few one shots before making the next campaign. This way we can get to know each other without the time investment of a full campaign.

    edit: Thank you everyone!
    The party is full now, but DM me if you want to make a case anyway hehe.

    Title: Seeds of Chaos, Magi's Retreat, and A Tale of Time are all ready to go. Adding more as I go to the list.
    Requirements: Inclusiveness and love, must have an ok computer/mic/internet
    System: 5e mostly, at least one of them is generic rpg
    Time and Date: Tuesdays at 7PM EST - 11:30 EST (but can go long)
    About Me: I've been DMing for 2 years now. Ran two campaigns to completion. I'd like to use some one shots to get to know more people though. IRL I'm a dad of 3 so I have to keep them alive all the time. D&D lets me relax that lol. It's cathartic. I enjoy roleplay asides in my games, so combat is sometimes sparse outside dungeons.
    My Games include: I like to roleplay with voices, it helps me differentiate the characters. I also add background ambiance and sometimes battle music. Many NPCs have backstories and quests if you dig for them. I don't have many puzzles or traps in my games though. just a few here and there for story reasons.
    Character Creation: Most standard classes are edited to the Treantmonk Variant. Feats and Spells have had a massive overhaul as well by the same creator. Other homebrew rules won't be as necessary in one shots but in my normal campaigns I like branching out.
    Required Platforms: Discord and Fantasy Grounds (free)
    Tone: These one shots will be all over the place in tone. light, dark, whimsy, adult, gory, bloodless, roleplay only, straight combat. All I ask for roleplay is say "I". I unlock the door, I approach the shop, I shoot the stalactite and make it fall on the goblin, etc.
    My next full campaigns: Eventually I'll run full campaigns again. One will be grim dark, the other will be morally grey but whimsical
    Other: Let me know:
    1) about you
    2) your character ideas
    3) A time when D&D was most fun for you
    4) your preferences for roleplay or combat.
    5) If you want your character to be unique at something or if you don't mind overlap
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    1) about you
    Hello there! My name is Jarred and 18 in age. I've been playing DND since I was in highschool(About 2-3 years max haha) and I've taken a long break from it, but now wanting to get back into it!

    2) your character ideas
    A caring but discriminated Goblin
    A child born from the fey, or perhaps taken by the fey
    A wild loving goliath looking to find their uncurtain place in the world
    A noble who wishes to be free from their familiar ties
    A foolish deal made to conceal every aspect of themselves
    And many other ideas still brewing!

    3) A time when D&D was most fun for you
    I had quite alot of fun with one of my past games, most of the fun came from the people I was with and the kindness/passion of the dm who hosted the game

    4) your preferences for roleplay or combat.
    I do love my roleplay but I feel combat can be an essential part of a game and I don't mind that!

    5) If you want your character to be unique at something or if you don't mind overlap
    Overlap is fine! Every single character can be a cleric but its how each cleric roleplays that sets them aside! Even if its something small there is always a way to offset yourself and not feel like a clone of someone!

    If you'd like my Disocrd is Seam#5035
    Ill stay in touch!

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    1) about you: Hello, I've been playing RPGs for 40 years, starting with AD&D in 1981. I DM the vast majority of the time. I've been using Fantasy Grounds now for 6 years. A few one shots would be enjoyable for me as I can't commit to a campaign at this time, but life might change.

    2) your character ideas: I like characters that are versatile in multiple pillars (combat, social, exploration)
    a) gnome enchanter(wizard), he enjoys playing with people's minds, mostly in a whimsical way but occasionally maliciously. Special thanks to Treantmonk's improvements making the low level enchantments more useful.
    b) human cavalier (fighter), the fifth son of a minor noble more interested in carousing than fulfilling any familial duties.
    c) human college of eloqence (bard)

    3) A time when D&D was most fun for you: any time we have a group that plays well together and has fun. I really enjoy a game where loss and death are real concerns. The "you'll never die" aspect of Adventure's League is something I find uninteresting.

    4) your preferences for roleplay or combat: 50/50, really depends on the adventure setup; political intrigue done well is fun, done poorly can be boring. Again, this also depends on the group makeup and what the other players actively engage in.

    5) If you want your character to be unique at something or if you don't mind overlap: I don't mind overlap at all, with roleplay and character progression you can create interesting differences.
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    1) about you

    My names Jake and I am 34. Been playing Paper RPG for 15+ years from 5e, starfinder and SW saga. I have DMed many games online/offline and played several games but never had a good ongoing group. I enjoy roleplay and can do voices to get into roles. Combat I am very efficient and knowledgeable. I am easygoing and understanding. I expect to play my character with his flaws and attributes as in character.

    2) your character ideas

    I have had several ideas. I can fit any role for the campaign.
    +Dwarf Fighter- Gruff accented voice. Headstrong which is his good/bad quality. Pick Axe/Shield defensive style. Veteran of war and grog.
    +Kenku Monk- Mystical slow precision voice. Loyal to his cause. Defensive build.
    +Gnome Wizard- Spunky high pitched fast voice. Power in his Chaos. Not a troublemaker but has a tendency to get in bad situations. Illusion.
    +Human Cleric- Deep manly voice. Balanced view of the world. Typical healer but his personality is more earnest and naive.

    3) A time when D&D was most fun for you.

    I have run a couple campaigns and finished them about 1/2 years into it. Seeing the story come to a head was fantastic specifically since the characters spun the story for me. Hoping to do the same thing but as a player this time.

    4) your preferences for roleplay or combat.

    The age old question. If the game is fun and thought out any style can be enjoyed. When asked to RP I am always 100% in with voicing and imagination. When asked to bear the sword I can pick it up and fight trying to add some flare to the battle. Either maps or theater of the mind work for me but maps area always fun!

    5) If you want your character to be unique at something or if you don't mind overlap.

    Overlap can be fine if the group understands how to play and if the DM understands when to allow players to roll or sustain. I think everyone wants to have some skills that they may have others don't but as far as perception, athletics or some common ones those seem to always over lap and I have zero issues with that.

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