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    Window Saver X Extension - Continued as X2

    Support thread for forge extension. Continuation of Window Saver X Extension.

    Available at:


    Supported edition of Window Saver X v3.4.0 as Window Saver X2

    Window Saver X allows you to create and edit multiple presets of your often-used windows, then deploy them quickly and easily at need.
    - If you are used to saving links in stories to open up a bunch of windows when you start a new encounter, you should consider saving those windows as a preset!
    - If you have a layout you like your windows in when you're in town, you should consider saving those windows as a preset!

    Authors: Continued by Jason Harp from Zack 'Gkjsdll' Winchell's WindowSaverX_v3.4.0. (special credit to James 'lokiare1' Holloway for the original adaptation)

    This extension started off as a patch for Window Saver by lokiare1 to add client support, but has since split off into its own extension. I've tested primarily in 5e, but it probably works with most/every ruleset.


    /wsx clear [name] - Deletes the preset named [name]
    /wsx close - Closes all open windows (reopen with /wsx restore)
    /wsx help - Displays basic info on the other slash commands in your chat box
    /wsx list [page number] - Lists your saved presets
    /wsx load [name] - Closes all open windows, then opens windows in the preset [name]
    /wsx open [name] - Opens windows in the preset [name] without closing windows
    /wsx restore - Reopens all windows closed by the last time you quit the game or loaded a preset
    /wsx save [name] - Saves a preset as [name]

    GM Only:
    /wsx share [name] - Opens windows in the preset for everyone, sharing windows as needed

    Known Issues

    • Some windows aren't properly tracked on client. There's a bug in FG that currently prevents windows created by the client from being tracked until you close & reopen them. This is pretty specific issue that will go away as soon as the bug is fixed.
    • Reports that a " " or "." in the Chat name causes issues. Still investigating. Workaround is to not use either character.
    • Does not save position of Tower presently.

    • Remembering minimized state for windows and images.
    • A GUI would be nice. The ability to make presets a link, so I can add them to a Story and click to share a bunch of windows/images.
    • A GUI that supports all of the same functionality as the slash commands. While I love slash commands, I know that there are plenty of people who prefer a GUI. Not sure if GUI would be opened with a button somewhere in the interface or with the slash command /wsx.
    • Searching through presets rather than listing all of them. Waiting on GUI, maybe no slash command. Maybe /wsx search [query], where you get a list of all presets that start with your query.
    • Links for Maps which open a set of saved windows without closing windows Waiting on GUI. The idea for this one is that when your party enters a new room with separate notes, an encounter, a loot table, etc... You can open all relevant windows in 1 click in saved locations.
    • Create presets by drag-and-dropping open windows into GUI Waiting on GUI. This will use the location of the window at the time of drag-and-dropping, which can be updated by re-adding the window to a preset.


    I like to use RTS-style grouping hotkeys, which you can add using hotbars. (e.g. CTRL+F1=/wsx save temp F1=/wsx load temp)

    If you load a preset that has no windows in it, all open windows will be closed, which you may or may not find useful.

    This extension uses semantic versioning, which means that the way I change the version number is changed as follows (vX.Y.Z):

    X Changes when the new version breaks something that the extension did before. There's only planned feature that might lead to this, at the moment.
    Y Changes when new functionality is added and nothing is broken by the update. Most version changes will hopefully change this number.
    Z Changes when no new functionality is added, bug(s) are fixed, and nothing is broken by the update. If I were perfect, every version would end with ".0"
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    Recent Version History

    Window Saver X2

    • Bug: /wsx close was not working as expected.

    • Bug: Opened window could open outside screen width/height. (thanks to md0072 for report)

    • Bug: Fixed compatibility with Better Menus extension.

    Window Saver X

    • Feature: Added /wsx share (thanks to seycyrus for suggestion)

    • Feature: Added /wsx open
    • Bug: Fixed errors in client console.

    • Bug: Fixed errors in client chat box
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    Is anyone else having issues with Windows Saver X2 when using the cloud lobby in FGU? I've been having some issues with it for at least the last week, but I finally had time to troubleshoot it and narrow down how to recreate my issue and it looks like it might be related to the cloud lobby. Originally, I assumed it was an extension conflict (I run about 14 extensions normally), but I was able to recreate my problem in a new campaign with only WSX2 enabled. Here is what I am seeing:

    Problem: Windows Saver X2 does not save presets when issuing the "/wsx save <name>" command.
    FGU Version: 4.1.10 Ultimate (2021-10-05)
    OS: Windows 11 21H2 (22000.194)
    Steps to recreate the issue:
    1. Launch Fantasy Grounds.
    2. Select "Create campaign".
    3. Enter "Test Campaign DP" for the name.
    4. Select "Dungeons and Dragons (5E)" for the ruleset.
    5. Enter "password123" for the password.
    6. Enter "GM" for the chat name.
    7. Set the server type to "Cloud".
    8. Set the server list to "Private".
    9. Enable only the "WindowsSaverX2" extension from the Fantasy Grounds Forge.
    10. Click "Start".
    11. Close the "Campaign Setup" window.
    12. Open the combat tracker and the party sheet.
    13. Type "/wsx list". It returns "[WSX] You have 0 presets".
    14. Type "/wsx save test". It returns "[WSX] Saved 2 windows to 'test'"
    15. Type "/wsx list". It returns "[WSX] You have 0 presets".

    I've also been able to recreate this by taking a pre-existing campaign that was previously set to "LAN" and switching it to the cloud lobby. Once the bug hits, that's it for WSX. It will no longer save presets even if I flip the campaign back to the LAN server type.

    I haven't tested it on a different computer yet, so that is the next thing I'll try. I just wanted to see if anyone else was running into this.

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    I'll test it out and see if I can find a fix. And thank you for the very nice set of steps. Will likely make my life a lot easier to find a fix.

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    I just tried it out on a Mac running 4.1.10 (2021-10-05) and it did not have the issue, so my previous example may be a red herring. I definitely have one campaign that cannot save presets no matter what I try, so I'll keep trying to narrow down the guilty culprit.

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    If you pm me with a link to the campaign I will debug the broken one. My attempts with those instructions worked fine. Sorry.

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    Just in case anyone else runs into this, it turns out the problem was because I had a period in my chat name. Once I removed that, everything started working fine. Extra thanks to @jharp for helping me track that down.

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    @jharp is there any chance that WSX could save the position of the dice tower as well? I know it isn't a window per-se, but that thing is always moving around on me. I would love to be able to restore its position. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpezet View Post
    @jharp is there any chance that WSX could save the position of the dice tower as well? I know it isn't a window per-se, but that thing is always moving around on me. I would love to be able to restore its position. Thanks!
    I think the original code actually purposely ignores it. I don't think it would be too difficult to fix. I'll let you know.

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