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    [PAID] Learn to Play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons - Quick and Easy Game


    I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 3.5 edition and I have been a Dungeon Master for the past 10 years. I am offering to teach new players how to play and introduce people to the game. This is often done with a module called "The Lost Mine of Phandelver." While this is a great way to learn the game, it can be a little long (levels 1 - 5). If you want a quick, one-shot session (3 hours) that is intended to give you a taste of Dungeons and Dragons, then this is the game for you.

    In this game, we will use pre-made characters to explore a small homebrewed world. In this world, we will start in a small logging village that is highly superstitious. When a magical relic goes missing from the local temple, the village elder calls on a group of adventurers to seek it out and return it safely.

    I am open to running this game at almost any time, let me know when it works best for you; however, I was thinking October 23rd or 24th 2021 during the day (between 9am and 5pm Central Time).

    I have a Fantasy Grounds Unity Ultimate License, so you will only need a Free Demo Account. I will provide a Google Meeting Link for audio.

    The cost is $15 USD to be paid through PayPal.

    Platform: Fantasy Grounds Unity (Demo Account is all you need), and Google Meet
    Cost: $15 USD (PayPal)
    Time: October 23rd or 24th 2021 (9am - 5pm Central Time)
    Session Length: 3 hours
    Characters: Pre-made
    Purpose: Learn to Play

    Let me know if you have interest or questions.
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