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    Dungeon Master looking for Sat Night Players!

    I am looking for 2 more would be heroes to join me in an epic campaign that will test mettle with political intrigue, natural hazards and of course gratuitous combat against all manner of fell beasts and monsters. These would be heroes must not only be brave, but committed to their quest. Your tale will be told in every inn and tavern in the land. If you are one of these would be heroes, then answer this call of enlistment at your earliest convenience, for adventure awaits those who are daring enough to hear and answer her call.

    Game system PF1
    Platform: FGU
    Schedule: Sats -5 EST Game Start: 7:30pm
    Length of each session 4 to 5 hours with breaks
    Length of campaign: 3 months minimum
    Requirements: Discord with Mic and fee version of FGU
    Need at least 2 more heroes

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    I'm game. What is the campaign and current party roster?

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    Would be interested in learning more… would love a more group/role play centered game than just the mechanics I’ve found. Sounds like you’re running a game that might fit with your focus on epic deeds and intense encounters.
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    I'm interested in your game. Mature, veteran player. MST time zone, Canada. Interested in party and NPC role playing and storyline aspects and your political intrigue sounds.... intriguing.

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    I'd be interested if you still have the room

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    Are there any open places for two more players?

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    My apologies guys but all 3 groups are full at this time. Thank you so much for your interest and I am sorry for the delay in responding back.

    Sincerely Aramis

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