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    [PAID] 5e Homebrew

    Hello there, my name is Taser. I've been DMing since 3.5.
    System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
    Homebrew World - Saturday Mornings 9am-Noon Eastern - Weekly
    Demons and devils seek release from the other realms imprisonment. Only whispers from powerful entities make it through the veil. Those that aid them call themselves "The Dark Apprentices". "Fang" has answered the call and is now seeking to fulfill this destiny of their release. The first step is to open the portal to let the smaller demons out. The Rozenian empire has been manipulated to start a war with the Trulian Dynasty in order to summon a demon to make a deal for immortality. This leaves the portal open and once the Rozenian army advances past this point the demons arrive first. Immortal souls.. they lack a physical form and appear as a cloud of black smoke. These demons seek out and possess bodies.

    The Demons are after ancient beacons of power. Some have been discovered, some have not. Most are guarded, some are not. The group of players following the story of setting the demons free upon the world, they are required to go places the demons cannot go for whatever reason. (The group being recruited in this post.)

    The Paragons are an agency of people from all nations, set out to restore the world to it's ancient glory. The group of players following the story of catching, or killing, of the group following the Demons.

    It's a race to the finish, who will get there first?

    Cost: Session 0 is Free, $15 a session, $60 for 5 sessions(4+1 free), $150 for 12 sessions(10+2 free). Payments via Paypal.
    Number of Slots Available: 4/5
    GM/Player License: I have the ultimate license so you just need the demo for Unity
    Voice: Games will be voiced over Discord.
    Permitted Source Books: Official books only.
    Restricted Player Options: Little to none, no demon spells permitted as per the world.
    Duration of sessions: The system I have is based around 3 hours of game time
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    FG License: Unity Ultimate License
    Timezone: -5 EST/EDT

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    Hi there! My name is Jason
    I am interested in joining this game.
    Can you add me on discord so we can discuss more? my id is norepking#2398

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