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    Shadowrun 4 - change text color & adjust text frame for category "notes"

    Hi guys.

    For the SR4 Ruleset, I am trying to change the text colours of the notes and the story items. Additional to that, I would like to set the text frame into the correct position (right now, it is slightly too far on the left side, see screenshot).
    Unfortunately, I am not able to find the right positions in the xml-sheet to fix that.
    At the moment, it looks like this.


    I already looked into the \graphics\graphics_fonts.xml, but there was no reference to change it. The Shadowrun4 ruleset was created by Iamnward and is based on the corerpg-ruleset.
    Is there anyone who can provide me with help?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you cant find it in the SR4 ruleset then look in the CoreRPG ruleset.

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    I would assume the text field is contained in the "campaign\record_note.xml", there likely the <simpleft> section.

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    Thanks for your replies. I tried the following steps:

    • Because the "record_note.xml" was not part of the Shadowrun ruleset, I copypasted it from CoreRPG ruleset into the SR4-Ruleset. Didn't work.

    • I looked into "graphics/graphics_fonts.xml", because there are several font-types and colors listed. But I couldn't figured out which of them is the color for note-entries.

    I have attached the xml-file to this post, because I think this is the solution to the problem. I become very desperated, because I tried to figure it out on my own with many hours - without any success
    Is there any other way how I can change the color of the note entries?
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    Hi Skullbert,
    make sure you have the "record_note.xml" referenced and included in the "base.xml". The example below assumes the file resides in the "campaign" folder.

    <includefile source="campaign/record_notes.xml" />

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