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Thread: Issues With Lag

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    Issues With Lag

    Ok Ever since september 10th session I host off the cloud and me and my players have had massive lag every friday since then. The game runs smooth for about 10-15minutes and its starts lagging really bad choppy token movement and dice rolls take 10-30seconds to roll if at all....I tried hosting off my PC and same thing happens after a few minutes? Any ideas?

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    Ok so it tooks 3 weeks over 3 sessions to figure out all you and the player have to do is close the map and reopen it........this only started since the update before sept 10.
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    Thanks for reporting; and for noting that the problem seems to go away for a while when both GM and player close the map. That may be a good clue to help us narrow the search for an issue.

    Which map(s) did you usually see the issue on?


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    due diligence

    I made sure to test this with no extensions and hosting from the cloud and off the cloud. We originally thought it was a cloud issue. So this went on for 3 sessions since the update on sept. 7th our session was on sept. 10th and every friday since. And we shut off line of sight and lighting to make sure that wasnt it either. No matter what the configuration was while we were on pathfinder 2e Age of Ashes Cult of Cinders Map: The Cinderclaw Mine after 10-20minutes we would all start to lag to the point token movement was difficult and or impossible and dice rolling rendering it unplayable and we just kinda dealt with it canceled the session after opening and closing FGU 5, 6 times. I finally just closed the map and boom fixed it. But everyone had to close it too or it would remain laggy for them. So to clarify we are all lagging. I close my map and my lag issues fix but theirs remain. Each player has to close their map to fix the lag issues. Then 10-20 minutes later lag starts setting it and it gradually gets worse and worse to the point it is unplayable and close map reopen rinse repeat. Another thing is I am not seeing any errors in the window that displays what is loading and any errors and such.
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    Thanks for the additional info; I'm passing on to our image developer as I ask questions to get more detail.

    Do you remember what kind of activities that you and your players were performing between opening the map and when the lag ramped up?
    (add encounters, move tokens, use token locking and planned movement, player/GM drawing and erase tools, player/GM line/area pointers, adding LoS/light elements while players connected, etc.)

    I'm trying to see if I can narrow down what is causing the lag that might be related to specific activities.


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    I too have lots of lag lately, but I put it down to having far too much on my combat tracker (making use of an extension)

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    For anyone having lag issues (including @toastsniffer187), please send us your campaign folder zipped up along with reference to map where you are seeing the issue.

    That will allow us to attempt to recreate locally with the exact same data and customizations that you have.


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    send campaign files where? can we have a link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toastsniffer187 View Post
    send campaign files where? can we have a link?
    See the final section here: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...ort+Developers
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    sent via customer support with simple description and link to this post.

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