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Thread: Issues With Lag

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    Not in a spot to get the campaign data right now and will send it when I can. But I noticed this happen recently a few weeks ago as well. It happened with the Tomb of Annihilation map "Fane of the Night Serpent", specifically the player version. I created a copy of it within FGU, and over time the copy would lag for all the players and myself. This would not happen however with the original in the module.

    Will get the campaign data e-mailed asap but just something I noticed that I hope helps.

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    I responded to @toastsniffer187 via support; but the gist is that the newest v4.1.9 has some improvements to performance when using ambient lighting (which was related to their issue), as well as the maps for Age of Ashes modules have been improved in the update this week (revert module or specific map to get latest update).

    If you are having issues still, please run a new Check for Updates, revert map/module if running module, and see if you still have issue. If so, please open a new thread.


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    Following up with @toastsniffer187: Did the latest release build help with your lag issues? Thanks.

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    YES! No issues last fridays session 10/1/21. Whatever was revised fixed the issue for Age of Ashes maps being laggy after "X" amount of time.

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