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    [Paid] The Wild Beyond The Witchlight Chapter 1

    Game: The Wild Beyond The Witchlight Chapter 1
    System: 5e D&D
    Style: One Shot/Drop-In-Campaign
    Time: Sunday 9/26/2021 1400-1700 ET
    Frequency: Episodic One Shot bi-weekly until CH 1 is complete
    Cost: $18.88 USD in Crypto via CoinPayments (shopping cart link will be provided)
    Platform: Microsoft Teams for Voice. No Video. Syrinscape for sound effects. DM will use Fantasy Grounds Ultimate license. Players may use FG or tell the DM to press buttons on their behalf. DM will screen share for those who do not want to manage their sheet in FG. Character creation will be in D&D Beyond or FG depending on player experience/preference.

    We will be running The Wild Beyond The Witchlight Chapter 1 as an episodic drop in campaign. Players may join or leave at anytime throughout the story. Separate posting will be made once we reach Chapter 2.

    This is an exploration and puzzle solving adventure. We expect 80% RP/Exploration and 20% combat. WotC has said this can be run without violence at all if the players choose that route, but we all know diplomacy fails sometimes.
    PM for more information.
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