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    adding an attack table

    if i want to add a new attack table (explosives from alchemy law) is it easier to create its own module like i did with adding a critical table or should i modify one of the modules that's in the game already by simply adding the lines of code for the new attack table?

    i am paranoid about modifying anything.

    if i simply create another module, is there an example of this code somewhere?

    as always, any help is appreciated.


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    You can create its own module or put it in the same module as the critical tables. If you're worried about breaking the existing module then just take a copy.

    I'm not sure if there's an example of the code online, but when I put my own attack tables together, I rummaged through the XML in the Arms Law module. If you take a copy of RMCArmsLaw.mod, change it to a zip file, extract and open the client.xml file then try searching for <ALT-01> - this should take you to the start of the block with the attack tables, and should hopefully show you what you need to put your own tables together.

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    Hi steff,

    I haven't created a post about creating the attack tables. It follows the same basic process as the result tables but there are a few differences. Use a table from Arms Law as an example like QuirkyBirky mentioned. You can add them to your critical module just as another entry in the <RMTables> section.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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