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    Token Light Behavior Bug

    Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but currently, I'm having and issue with Lighting, specifically with Token Lights. When I attempt to change the Behavior, such as Flicker, Pulse, or Flash, nothing happens. Basically after clicking on an option on the drop down menu for the Behaviors and selecting one, the Type just doesn't change.

    What I mean by this is if it is already set to None, selecting Flicker will just have the drop down menu disappear and the Behavior to continue to be set to None. However, selecting a Preset, such as Torch, will automatically change all Ranges and Behaviors to the preset. So selecting Torch will set the Behavior to Flicker. However, once the Behavior is changed via a Preset, clicking on the drop down menu for Behaviors will still do nothing. So trying to switch Flicker to None will result in it just doing nothing and continuing to remain on Flicker.

    Even when the Behavior seems to be changed by a Preset for a Token Light, that Behavior doesn't seem to actually take effect.

    Additionally, changing the Speed of the Behavior doesn't seem to cause anything to happen either and, in fact, after adding a Token Light after adjusting the Speed of a Behavior, the Speed just resets to whatever it was before the Token Light was added.
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    I'm not able to recreate the issue, but I didn't see a specific set of steps in your report to verify that I'm seeing the same thing. Can you provide the exact steps on a basic map (like FG Battle Map module)?

    I tried adding an effect to a token "LIGHT: 15 torch" and I saw the flicker effect on the light.
    I also tried to add a token light manually in the image data panel; and I was able to add a light and adjust the behavior.

    Also, make sure you're on the latest release, since we pushed a fix for light behaviors just last week.


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    So I'm definitely on the latest release as far as I know? The Update button is not highlighted Red, but I updated anyways just in case before doing thing just now.

    After hopping on, I went into Images and launched the BarnMap image from the Forest Map Pack.

    I unlocked the Barnmap to allow for editing and made the Grid visible with a size of 50x50

    I opened up NPCs and selected the A-mi-kuk, then I dragged and dropped the token from the NPC window onto the BarnMap.

    I went to the Lighting section on BarnMap and selected Token Light.

    From here, changing the Behavior with the dropdown menu does exactly as I stated in my first post.

    After playing around with it a bit, it looks like I can edit the light once I've added a light onto the token, it looks like I can then click on the token and then edit the Behavior and whatnot from there. But before adding a Light to a token, the Behavior can't be changed. Once a Light has been added to a token, the Behavior can be changed while the token is selected.

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    I'll add to our system to look at. For now, I recommend using the Token Lights options to create a custom token light type, and then add lights via effects (LIGHT: # <tokenlighttag>) in the combat tracker.


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    EDIT: Apologies; wrong thread.
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