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    KJs Unity 4E Effects Emporium

    Sharing the Effects code characters in my campaign have used. I will list them by Character Class. Some Effects might require an extension. If so, I will list the extension with a link.
    I will also list if the Effect is applied to the SELF or TRGT, what roll the Effect is applied to and duration.

    The first example I will use an image of the the Power all classes have Second Wind. The next example will be the Ranger Power: Surefooted Stride. This will show the nomenclature I will use to describe the Effect.

    Remember, [SELF] [ALL] [End N] are NOT part of the effect code. They are added in the effect options to the left and right of the effect code.


    Surefooted Stride
    [SELF] [ALL] Must be in difficult terrain; AC: 2; REF: 2 [End N]
    [SELF] [ALL] Surefooted Stride; IFT: CUSTOM(Surefooted Stride); CA [End N]
    [TRGT] [ALL] Surefooted Stride [End N]

    Defensive Mobility
    [SELF] [ALL] Defensive Mobility; AC: 2 opportunity;

    Group Awareness
    [SELF] [ALL] AURA: 5 friend; Aura of Awareness; IF: FACTION(notself); SKILL:1 perception
    Extension https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/32/view

    Hunter's Quarry
    [SELF] [ALL] Quarry; IFT: CUSTOM(Quarry); DMG: 1d8
    [TRGT] [ALL] (name of character); Quarry [END]

    Prime Shot
    [SELF] [ROLL] Prime Shot; TRGT; ATK: 1 ranged

    Orcbiter (weapon)
    [SELF] [ALL] Orcbiter; IFT: TYPE(orc); DMG: 2d6, melee
    Extension https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...2&d=1610925858

    Orcbiter Aura (weapon)
    [SELF] [ALL] AURA: 2 foe; Orcbiter; IF: TYPE(orc); DMG: -3
    Extension https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/32/view
    Extension https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...2&d=1610925858

    Torch (item)
    [SELF] [ALL] LIGHT: torch; Consume Torch
    [SELF] [ALL] REMOVE: LIGHT: torch; Consume Torch
    Extension https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/140/view
    Extension https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...oval-Extension


    [SELF] [ALL] Bloodhunt; IFT: Bloodied; ATK: 1

    Fire Resistance
    Fire Resistance; RESIST: 5 [HLVL] fire

    Warlock's Curse
    [SELF] [ALL] Curse; IFT: CUSTOM(Curse); DMG: 1d8
    [TRGT] [ALL] (name of character); Curse

    Imperious Majesty
    [SELF] [ALL] Imperious Majesty; IFT: CUSTOM(Imperious Majesty); ATK: [-CHA] [End N]
    [TRGT] [ALL] Imperious Majesty [End N]

    [SELF] [ALL] Eyebite; IFT: CUSTOM(Eybite); Invisible [Start]
    [TRGT] [ALL] Eyebite [Start]

    [TRGT] [ALL] Witchfire; ATK: -2+. [-INT]

    Mire the Mind (fey pact)
    [SELF] [ALL] Mire the Mind; IFT: CUSTOM(Mire); Invisible [End N]
    [TRGT] [ALL] Mire [End N]
    [SELF] [ALL] SKILL: [+INT] power stealth [Enc]

    Otherwind Stride
    [TRGT] [ALL] Otherwind Stride; Immobilized [End N]

    Shadow Walk
    [SELF] [ALL] Shadow Walk; Concealment [End N]

    Warlock's Wrath
    [SELF] [ALL] Warlock's Wrath; DEF: [+CHA] [End N]


    [SELF] [ALL] Bold; IFT: TYPE(dragon, undead, demon); WILL: 5

    Nimble Reaction
    [SELF] [ALL] Nimble Reaction; AC: 2 opportunity

    Hectoring Strike
    [TRGT] [ALL] Hectoring Strike; GRANTCA [End N]
    [TRGT] [ALL] Rattling; ATK: -2 [End N]

    Running Slash
    [TRGT] [ALL] Running Slash; Slowed [End N]

    Blinding Barrage
    [TRGT] [ALL] Blinding Barrage; Blinded [End N]

    Go for the Eyes
    [TRGT] [ALL] Go for the Eyes; Blinded; Can't shift [End N]

    Startling Offensive
    [SELF] [ROLL] Startling Offensive; CA
    [TRGT] [ALL] Startling Offensive; ATK: -2 [End N]

    Swift Parry
    [SELF] [ALL] Swift Parry; DEF: [CHA] [End N]
    [SELF] [ALL] Swift Parry; IFT: CUSTOM(Swift Parry); CA [End N]
    [TRGT] [ALL] Swift Parry [End N]


    Dragonborn Fury / Infectious Wrath
    [SELF] [ALL] AURA: 3 friend; Infectious Wrath; IF: Bloodied; ATK: 1

    Fire Resistance
    [SELF] [ALL] Fire Resistance; RESIST: 5 fire [HLVL]

    Heavy Blade Expertise
    [SELF] [ALL] Blade Expertise; DEF: 2 opportunity

    In Shining Armor
    [SELF] [ALL] AURA: 1 friend; Shining Armor; IF: FACTION(notself); AC: 1 shield

    Forbidding Strike
    [TRGT] [ALL] Forbidding Strike; RESIST: 2 [End N]

    Shielding Smite
    [TRGT] [ALL] Shielding Smite; AC: [+WIS] power [End N]

    Chilling Smite
    [TRGT] [ALL] Chilling Smite Hit; DMG: -5 [Save]
    [TRGT] [ALL] Chilling Smite Miss; DMG: -5 [End N]

    Divine Challenge
    [TRGT] [ALL] Divine Challenge; Marked [End N]
    [TRGT] [ALL] Divine Challenge; Marked; DMGOE: 3 [CHA] radiant; ATKDS; TURNAS [End N]
    Uses Better Combat Effects - https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/76/view

    Divine Mettle
    [SELF] [ROLL] Divine Mettle; SAVE: [+CHA] [End]

    Divine Strength
    [SELF] [ROLL] Divine Strength; DMG: [+STR] [End]

    Dragon Breath
    [TRGT] [ALL] Dragon Breath; ATK: 1 [End N]

    Bond of Protection
    [TRGT] [ALL] Bond of Protection; DEF: 2 power; SKILL: 5 power endurance [Enc]


    Astral Majesty - Deva
    [SELF] [ALL] Astral Majesty; IFT: Bloodied; DEF: 1

    Astral Resistance - Deva
    [SELF] [ALL] Astral Resistance; RESIST: 5 [HLVL] necrotic; RESIST: 5 [HLVL] radiant

    Combat Leader
    [SELF] [ALL] AURA: 10 friend; Combat Leader; IF: FACTION(notself); INIT: 2

    Blade Expertise
    [SELF] [ALL] Blade Expertise; DEF: 2 opportunity

    Tactical Assault
    [TRGT] [ROLL] Tactical Assault; DMG: 3 [End]

    Tactical Presence
    [TRGT] [ROLL] Tactical Presence; ATK: 1 [End]

    Surprise Attack
    [TRGT] [ROLL] Surprise Attack; ATK: . [+INT] [End]

    more to come...
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