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    (paid) Tuesdays games (D&D ravenloft 5E) (Starfinder Fly free or die ) 2 spaces !!!!

    hey guys iam doomhippy i have a space in both my Tuesday games

    Discord drop in for a chat

    1 space

    D&D 5e ravenloft curse of strahd you drop in at Lev 8
    3/4 one space
    18.00 to 22.00 pm uk time
    13:00 to 17.00 est
    main session post


    Starfinder Fly free or die lev 2 start second session
    3/4 one space

    It's just another day punching the clock when the player characters,
    a blue-collar transport crew, are blamed for a bad cargo and stiffed of their bonuses.
    They take a dangerous job smuggling weapons to a world conquered by militant hobgoblins,
    but one fiasco later, they're in debt to a crime boss and about to be fired.
    Their only chance is to steal the Oliphaunt
    an experimental cargo hauler with a magical secret, and then survive long enough to collect the payoff!

    start time
    22.30 to 02.00am uk
    17.30to 21.00 EST

    main session post

    Main Paid dm post


    By PayPal
    10.00 a session 4 weeks in advance

    I offer deals on bulk sets of sessions

    12 sessions 15% off

    24 sessions 25% off

    thx for looking Doomhippy
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    bump tues day game update iam here all day space left for ravenloft lev 8 start
    and space on starfinder lev 2 start second session
    thx Doomhippy

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