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    A Confusion of Choices

    Hello all,

    So I am looking to get started with a 4e campaign in FGU and I'm finding a lot of resources for 4e, but I'm getting lost in regards to what I need, what is available, which version of FG stuff is made for, etc. Not to mention all of the seemingly fantastic extensions that have been created.

    So I'd like to go down the list of what resources I have and see what I need, in order to convert stuff over into mods so that I can at least get the basics into FGU and then start tweaking with extensions and custom stuff.

    So right now I have the following (if any of these have more up to date versions I would love to know where I can get them):

    D&D Compendium (Beta 29)
    CBLoader version 1.3.2b4

    My understanding is that I need this version (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...read.php?60524) of VegaFontanas Module Generator to convert the version of the D&D Compendium that I have.

    However, it only has executables for converting Feats, NPCs, and Powers. Are there resources for converting the other SQL databases into mods?

    I understand that Valeros' 4e Item Parser (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...4E-Item-Parser) is highly recommended but doesn't work with the offline compendium?

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    Ok, so after a few more hours of searching I am stuck with using what I have as a resource it seems.

    So unless I can get my hands on the old DDI database at some point, I need to create my own Class and Race mods. That being said, I was spoiled with the 5e stuff; those already had "buttons" for race and class and I could just click the button and new ones to them.

    Since there isn't any of those 'buttons' in the 4e ruleset, where do I look for a tutorial to make them? So far my searches are turning up how to make races/classes in 5e but not how to make the foundational files (.mod?) to start.

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