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    Problem with Adrenal Defense

    Hi Dakadin and anyone else who can answer this.

    I think Adrenal Defense skill used to be added automatically to a character's combat tab. However now I can't seem to get it to add. Am I missing something obvious? I turned off extensions and even unloaded themes. I've cycled the Adrenal Defense skill through all types, though I typically leave it on "Special".

    I ran a quick encounter to see if it was being counted on the table resolver anyway, but no dice.
    Any suggestions?

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    Hi Mansquatch62,

    If you go to the Options, in the Character (GM) section, the first option is Auto Calculate: Adrenal Defense. Make sure that is set to On. If it is then make sure the character has a 1 for the AT. If it is AT1, then the auto calculation should fill it in automatically. The only other thing I can think of is make sure you pull the skill from the skills list instead of creating it manually since the automation is looking for a certain name in a field.


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    Thanks Dakadin,

    All is as you said, but still no dice. No weapons in hands, nothing worn, AT 1, Deleted Adrenal Defense and dragged it from the skill tab, Adrenal Defense Auto-calc on. Nothing. It's putting the Qu bonus on the defensive bonus line on the Combat tab. I guess I can just manually put the AD value in the "other" box.

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    That is really strange because I have a Monk in my game that it is working fine for. I sent you a private message so I can get a copy of your campaign. Hopefully, it will allow me to track down what is happening.

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    Okay, I think I know what is going on. I just tested it and it isn't updating properly. I will see about getting it fixed soon.

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    It's not working properly because it isn't updating it when the skill is updated.

    The workaround that I recommend until it is fixed is just equip some armor that isn't AT 1 and unequip it. That should get it to recalculate the AD field.

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    Excellent. Worked like a charm. Thanks Dakadin!

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