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    I thought that HeroLab was just character building, but I'm not familiar with it at all. For the $13, do you also get the reference manual, all images, and actual play mechanics (like summoner shared hp, spell parsing, etc)? If you do, you have a great point. If you don't, you have your answer.
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    The images and text are in the PDF already, I hope we do not have to pay twice for them, but only for the FG specific formatting work done.

    Which non PF2 core/rulebook mechanics other than summoner shared hp (which Hero Lab should have) does the Secrets of Magic module add?

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    Unique to Secrets of Spells I think it is mostly Eidolon and Spell progression, more details on this thread: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...and-DLC-issues . To be fair, I don't think that itself wouldn't justify the price, though, since other similar books with less customized work has similar price points (Book of the Dead, for example).
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    I imagine the labor required to import and integrate the material into FG has value. How much do you make an hour times how long would it take for you to do the work yourself? If it's less than what FG is charging, maybe you should do the work yourself and save some money. If it's more, well then FG is giving you a bargain.

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    The formatted text and images are a digital copy of a digital copy of the printed version which costs only half as much as pocket edition and the same as the modules as full sized edition, though. Displaying an image within FGU is not much less work than using copy & paste from the PDF in VTTs that allow to directly paste images (like in chat).

    And I am not doing my own harvesting and backing either and still can contemplate the price of bread from one bakery compared to another.
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    You can always enter the information yourself, if you don't want to pay for the FG version. I used to do that for PF adventure paths before Paizo started offering on FG.


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    Paying $13 for the Secrets of Magic instead of $28 (on top of the PDF) gets you the mechanics and all character relevant texts (which is included in Hero Lab). Free options like Pathbuilder and Foundry PF2 module also include all the formatted SRD texts relevant to characters/players.

    It seems that in FG we get a second digital copy of the fluff texts and imported images for the extra $15. Alternatively we can forgo the PDF to save $3 while having to read the whole book in small text within FG's windowed reader using small <> buttons to flip pages. It is not a pleasant experience compared to using PDFs, so I guess not many go through that ordeal for $3.

    If getting a second digital copy of fluff text + images is the main argument for FG being so much higher in price (over 100%) then please consider a "lite" version without the fluff. My players only need the mechanics and I own the PDFs already.
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    I think more puzzling is the price of the flip maps...
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