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    How many of you use the Pathfinder Society in home games?

    Not necessarily the modules themselves, but the actual organization. How many of you have characters who work for the Society without actually playing a Society game?

    I'm in the very early (literally first quest) stages of my game and I'm using the whole Adventuring Guild set up as a way to not worry about why my players are together, and I'm running a Scenario module so we can all learn the system and setting, but I also want to segue into something less structured and more of a traditional Adventure... while also still retaining that "adventuring guild" flavor.

    Basically I want to run a game where the players are doing Pathfinder Society missions while also I run a plot not entirely unlike Iron Gods, and maybe even have that lead into something inspired by Doomappvalley tutuapp tweakbox
    sday Dawn's underwhelming storyline, and I'm looking for advice on how to juggle that.
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    Maybe take a few looks into the PFS scenarios to get a feel of how Pathfinder Society Agents normally receive their mission briefings. You could also mix in a few of the official scenarios. Ideally, choose scenarios that lead in the direction you want the larger adventure plot to have, that way the PCs gain the thematical experience to be considered experts in the topic to be sent on a long-term mission (your traditional adventure).
    While on the bigger mission, they might have to file reports and could get additional briefings brought to them by less experienced Pathfinders (which is a good way for you to throw in hints if they get stuck and to move the story forward when there would otherwise be no logical point to get to the next chapter).
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